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Unlimited Bandwidth; Strong Encryption Standard; Non-Logging
Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS and Android

If you are looking for a service that offers true anonymity whenever you use the internet, then Proxy.sh is a reliable VPN service that cares deeply for your online security and privacy. It is committed to using the best and the strongest encryption techniques so that its clients can be secure and safe whenever they browse online. This private VPN service offers offshore location with primary focus on heavy anonymity. You are guaranteed of enjoying 100 % digital privacy and encryption. Proxy.sh is based in the Seychelles and offers you great encryption from hackers, corporate and government looking to access your online activities. There are multiple protocols used by this service and you can use any of the protocols offered by the service depending on the device you are using. You get connected to the company’s VPN network through its own Safejumper path.

The benefits that users enjoy when they opt for this good VPN service are: 100% no logging, progressive pricing, completely transparent, SoftEther and Tor proxy technologies, multi device support and a worldwide network of servers.


Tariffs and pricing

There are many membership plans on offer from Proxy.sh. You have the option to choose the plan of your choice depending on your usage and budget. Each server location is considered as node and the more nodes you use, the higher is your plan charges. 

•    Quick plan
This plan is offered on an hourly basis and it is billed at $2 for 72 hour period. The features you get are world wide access to US and Netherlands servers, 15+ nodes, Safejumper and OpenVPN and unlimited bandwidth.

•    Basic plan
This plan is offered in 2 options, monthly and yearly. The monthly plan is billed $5 every month and the yearly plan will come to just $3.33 a month. The features offered here are all quick plan features plus world wide access in five countries.

•    Solid plan
This is the most popular plan among the plans offered by this VPN. Its monthly pricing is $10 a month and opting for a yearly plan will reduce the price to $7.50 a month. Here, you have the option to enjoy worldwide access to tunnels in 50+ countries.

•    Pro plan
This plan is offered with 250 GB of monthly usage used on 50 GBps network. It is billed at $20 a month and opting for the yearly plan will reduce your monthly payment to $ 16.66.


Server info

Proxy.sh is one of the best VPN service providers in terms of the server network. Its network is spread all over the world in 52 countries. There are as many as 300 locations that you can use through this secure VPN network. This service has its presence in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.



There are many features that you can use when you download Proxy.sh VPN software on your system.

•    Unblocking everything
There are many countries that block services like Netflix, YouTube, Skype and porn sites. Also, there are many firewalls and limitations in place of the corporate, national or university to block access to certain sites. With this secure VPN software you will be able to unblock all restrictions and hide your real location.

•    Transparent in operation
There is a warrant canary, a transparency report maintained by this VPN service on a daily basis. This ensures that it is a true service.

•    100% no logs
This VPN network is set in such a way that it never logs anything. All the services offered are run within the RAM and a shutdown will instantly erase all the data. Users are offered anonymous tokens to enjoy secure purchase.

•    Regular research
This VPN is constantly developing new encryption and features like the Serpent, ECC and XOR to offer you great security every time. Apart from this there are a wide range of proxy technologies used like Softether and Tor to meet all your situational needs.

Some of the additional features you can enjoy are:

  • High end OpenVPN network.
  • Multi device and operating system compatibility.
  • Custom VPN client Safejumper option for strong encryption.


Security and privacy

This VPN service offers high end encryption security with the latest and advanced technologies. Your online access is fully anonymous as the network is non-logged and encrypted. This VPN uses Open VPN protocol to offer data encryption. The other protocols supported are L2TP/IPSec and PPTP.


Support service

There is a detailed FAQ and knowledge base support on offer on the website. If you cannot find a solution to your problem there, then you can make use of the open ticket system that is accessible through the client area. The service offers good response and you will get answers to your queries within a day on business days.


Client account

You need to choose the membership plan of your choice in the pricing page and click on the select package option. You will be directed to the package configuration page and you will be just asking for your email and password details. Once your payment is completed, you can get access to the Proxy.sh VPN software download for your device, install it and start using the service on your system.



The popular desktop platforms like Mac, Linux and Windows are greatly supported by this VPN service so; you can download Proxy.sh VPN for Mac and instantly start using this service on your system. There is a detailed manual setup guide for other platforms like android and iOS devices, set top boxes and routers.



The positives you enjoy through proxy.sh VPN download on your devices are 100 % security and privacy, wide range of payment options, very good technical support and unblocking feature. Some of the flaws experienced when using this VPN service are slow download speeds, poor bandwidth for low priced plans and connectivity issues on some servers. If online anonymity and privacy is what you looking for in a VPN service, then proxy.sh VPN meets your need perfectly.

Update: 21/06/2016