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OpenVPN and L2TP
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24/7 help; Customized software system; 30-day free trial opportunity; Outstanding speeds; Low priced subscription
Windows, iOS and Android

When you make a connection of your device to internet system, some of your personal data are left behind without your awareness. For instance, the internet service provider may find out the sites that you can visit or the files that you have downloaded. The sites you browse recognize your personal IP address and the record of pageviews. However, there is the online spy, which is able to take your individual data while you link to an unprotected Wi-Fi hotspot. To get rid of such situation, VPN is usually executed by organizations or businesses and also common people. In contrast to some other technologies, Virtual Private Networks can give lots of advantages, and here you can go through a review of one trustworthy VPN provider.

ProxyServer is a budding private VPN service provider that has developed their business, basing on two main pillars - first-class performance and user-friendliness. Though there are a few visible shortcomings in their service, ProxyServer seems to be a remarkable server network. With simple but useful software, ProxyServer may turn out to be your best VPN service. This company was established during the middle part of 2012, and they are likely to follow US laws. Thus, you can buy VPN USA from ProxyServer to get the highest quality service.


Tariffs and prices

You will get the option to select a single VPN plan at a time because ProxyServer presently provides their Premium package for VPN service at $7.99 on a monthly basis. Real-time connections are permitted on 2 devices simultaneously, although you will be able to set up ProxyServer VPN software on a number of devices. The best fact is that there is also a one-month money back assurance so that you can try their service before going for any long-term plan. Thus, in terms of pricing plans, ProxyServer has tried to give the simplest solutions to their users.



At present, the company is running thirty servers in twenty-three nations; in fact, ProxyServer has attempted to make a superb coverage of geographic areas in this world. Servers, which are available in Australia, Iceland, Hong Kong and Israel, cast an extensive network. However, you have to be careful about the updates in future because ProxyServer is likely to add South America as well as Africa in their present list.



ProxyServer has tried to give the utmost help by presenting their functional website that is effective without unnecessary flamboyance. The users, who are registered with their service, may get into the client area in order to look at the information on billing as well as account status. The overall navigation system is not much challenging while the subscriber links or download links and customer support are only one click away. Though there is no blog, the announcements part appears to be quite decent as it comprises some business offers and news, in addition to the PSAs.


Privacy and security

ProxyServer provides you with the best connection with the use of OpenVPN system. However, you need to find out whether their standard of encryption is secure. The encryptions are managed by means of 128-bit key that does not give as much security as that of 256-bit ones. L2TP is also there for potential updates, when you are focused more on the performance than on the protection, for your streaming or gaming requirements. The Privacy Policy of the company is of average standard but the ProxyServer is striving to develop the quality of service and check the bugs. They may collect the details, like the time of your connection to their service, chosen server site and the amount of information transferred on a daily basis. All these are stored to give you the best experience of using VPN network. ProxyServer also investigates this data generally and keep them safe.


Support service

You may find some faults in the customer support service of ProxyServer because there is no live chat system that is generally intended to give 24/7 help. However, some other things that are present are quite comprehensive. A fast and helpful setup instruction is offered to help those, who are using ProxyServer VPN on their Windows OS.

Besides, the knowledge-base, included in the website, is also highly informative. However, there should be a forum for users as it helps to deal with the opinions without losing the important queries.

From ProxyServer, another support, which you may get, is the ticketing system. The responses are highly helpful to the users, and it reveals how the company is concerned on offering enthusiastic customer service. ProxyServer has also accounts on Facebook, Google + and Twitter, and from these sites also, you may get information.


Client account

To create an account at ProxyServer for a free trial of paid plan, you need to enter your email, name, credit card details, mobile number and home address; however, if you like, you may provide fake information for the last two. But, remember that on the payment page, you need to give valid data for the purpose of billing. In brief, this procedure seems to be quite unnecessary and is not at the level of other well-known VPN services. After you have paid for the service, there are only some steps to download the software of ProxyServer.



The company presently lets you download ProxyServer VPN for Windows only. However, you will find some updates for Android and iOS devices. Stealth servers will possibly be the outstanding additions to potential apps on a mobile platform. Besides, you may make use of VPN network of Proxyserver for unblocking content on PS3, Roku, and Chromecast by linking Windows OS connection with some other gadgets. As Proxyserver has an extremely accomplished workforce, it will perhaps offer superior software in future.



ProxyServer may not be preferable if you are in need of the customized software system. However, what they offer is the stable quality. Though the logging policies and registration are quite unpleasant, thirty-day free trial opportunity, low priced subscription, and outstanding speeds, perhaps help ProxyServer to reach the higher ranks among the other VPN providers in this world. However, there are still some other areas, which need more considerations from ProxyServer. For example, lack of normal technical roles in software, the need for more illustrations on knowledge-base and trouble in getting definite technical details from support.


Update: 08/06/2016