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Unlimited VPN speed; PPTP connectivity; Conceal your location; 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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VPN service offers high security in the web world and helps in the safe transactions. For this reason, this is popular among most of the businesses. Very often, these services are utilized by workers, who are in distant regions, to have the resources on the personal LAN system. Though there are lots of VPN services, proXPN has gained its status as one of the recognized service providers in this field. They have got support from CNet and Lifehacker and compete with many contenders. The installation procedure of their VPN software is seamless and much easy; however, you may also consult with customer service about it. Besides, there are also some more features that have helped to create the best impression among the customers.



Most of the VPN solutions providers are not so good in terms of bandwidth. At this point, ProXPN provides unparalleled services to all the clients. Thus, it is worthy of choosing the paid service. However, the consistency of ProXPN VPN may be considered to be of average level because you may find some troubles and problems, which are generally related to any common VPN agency. Traffic rerouting, as well as encryption of data, may cause slow speeds. On the contrary, you are provided with the option of switching between IPs and servers that may assist you to fight with many of the problems.

Moreover, it is also to be noted that proXPN is highly competent to secure different internet connections, like cable, DSL or 3G.


Support service

You may find proXPN to be the best VPN service because it offers you the contact number and email ID, with which you can contact the site for technical assistance. As soon as you have accessed this client support section, there is an option to make use of the system of support ticketing. Though there is no mention about the 24/7 help on the website, the service providers from proXPN want you to contact them at any time. Moreover, many users have also been pleased with the promptness of response to any query through the stated ticketing system. The users have got their replies within few minutes. It is really an impressive feature of the website. In addition, the website presents an all-inclusive FAQ part with general queries and related answers.


Tariffs and prices

There are two options, offered by proXPN- One is the premium package and the other one is free of cost package. The first one is accessible to the users with various commitment packages, which are applicable for various durations. However, this free package may not have as much functionality as that of the premium ones because the free plan does not allow the users to have service of proXPN from any mobile platform, and it offers reduced bandwidth.

The monthly cost of the premium package is about $9.95. However, those, who like to accept the package for one year, need to pay only $74.95; it means $6.25 on every month. Thus, in terms of the pricing rate, proXPN is better than other VPN services.

Besides, proXPN also offers a risk-free one-week trial that enables you to test the service before making an investment.


Servers of proXPN

The VPN business is the international marketplace, and generally, people want access to global VPN servers. The servers of proXPN are situated in Seattle, Dallas, London, Singapore, Los Angeles, Amsterdam and city of New York City and many more. In all, there are servers in eighteen areas. However, if you are able to get connected to any server on the continent, where you reside, then latency may be generally more than acceptable.


Security level

On the website of proXPN, there is a detailed instruction about the security of the users, and the relevant protocols. This private VPN service gives the options of PPTP protocols and OpenVPN. However, PPTP may be accessible only to premium package users. Besides, the level of encryption is about 2048-bit.
From the viewpoint of logging, there are also more security measures. The website has mentioned about keeping of limited record. It means that the logs, which are stored, are of the links, made to any server. These are removed within two weeks. This is obviously the good news for all those, who are much concerned about the privacy.


Client account

Signing up for a premium or free, reliable VPN service from proXPN is not any difficult process. For instance, you have to, at first, click on a button- Create an account. Then, you can find the option of choosing the package. If you select paid package, you may need to pick commitment package. The payment that you have to make may be accomplished through PayPal, American Express, MasterCard or Visa. After giving the amount, you will be redirected to a page, where you can find a message. Then, within a few seconds, the account will be confirmed.



The compatibility list of the VPN service- proXPN covers almost all of the common bases though there is nothing exceptional. You can download the proXPN VPN for Windows of all the major versions. Mac OS X users can also use their service. Some people, however, say that there may be a crash in case of Mac. But, there is no opportunity for the Linux users.

Besides, among the mobile platforms, Android and iOS platforms are backed up by the VPN service.

The instruction about the manual setup that is provided on the website is very clear. You will perhaps find no issue in following those guidelines and in building a fresh connection.



In conclusion, let us sum up the pros of proXPN, and these include- good customer site with comprehensible instruction, cashback assurance, free subscription choices, thorough documentation and immediate response for support. However, one aspect that is not much desirable in the case of proXPN is the speed. Few users have made complaints on the speed that is vital for some time sensitive apps, such as streaming video or gaming. When the speed is not much significant fact to you, it is better to have the VPN service from proXPN.


Update: 08/06/2016