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OpenVPN and L2TP
Key Features:
No logs; Multiple devices; Anonymous proxy; Secure chat; Fast speeds
Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS and Android

Easy access of the internet data and IP address by outsiders is one of the most common problems faced by anyone using the internet.  There are many government agencies and data thieves looking to keep track of your activities on online. This is one of the reasons why many users fear to do any transactions online. One of the quickest and easiest ways to hide your IP address and the valuable data from the prying eyes of government agencies, internet fraudsters and hackers is to sign for a good VPN service. As soon as you download the secure VPN software and start using the service, you can enjoy online anonymity, privacy and security. All the to and from communication between the VPN servers and your devices passes through an encrypted tunnel. This way no one will be able to get the sensitive information, no matter how hard they try. If you are interested in a reliable VPN service that does its job accurately, then Privatoria VPN is one to try out.

The major features offered by this private VPN service are: free trials, live customer support, no data mining, VPN +Tor, secure data, voice calls and chat, no government backdoors, etc.


Tariffs and prices

Privatoria is one of the best VPN service providers when it comes to affordable plans. Like many of the trusted VPN services, you are offered with 3 basic plans to meet your browsing requirements and budgets.

•    1 month plan
This plan is priced at $3.9 a month.

•    6 month plan
You need to pay a onetime payment of $17.4 every 6 months to use this plan. You will save 26% when compared to 1 month plan and your monthly VPN charge is just $ 2.9.

•    12 month plan
This is an ideal plan for anyone who loves to be anonymous, 24 hours a day. You will have to pay $22.8 every year to enjoy this plan. You make savings of 51 % when you use this plan and your monthly commitment is just $1.9.


Server info

There are as many as 22 secure VPN +TorNet server locations spread all over the world. Some of the popular countries where you will find the servers are: Australia, Canada, Egypt, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Finland, Russia, Germany, US, UK etc.



When you download Privatoria VPN software you can make use of the wide range of features that this service offers to help anonymous and protected online surfing.

•    Secure communications
This service offers secure communication, thanks to the WebRTC based connection between the browsers. This will ensure that no one can gain access to the communication you do online. You can use the secure chat option provided by this VPN so that you will have direct communication with your companion with no servers involved. This means that your text messaging, video calls, voice calls group conferences and data transfers are 100% secure.

•    Anonymous surfing
There are a host of benefits that you enjoy with the Privatoria VPN software download on your system:
1.    Unblocking of all websites that are not offered in your region.
2.    The service will bypass all local censorship and help you to enjoy everything on the internet.
3.    All the online traffic and documents you send and receive are encrypted by the VPN. Your real IP address is hidden and you also get the option to change the IP address to stay anonymous from snoopers, spies and hackers. 
4.    You get the option to surf from any country of your choice with just one click.

•    Data transfer security
1.    Any file that you send to your recipient will be live on the network for only 24 hours. This ensures that your data cannot be easily compromised. This VPN offers you the option of leaving a secure text message to the recipient to check the file. 
2.    You are provided with the option of downloading a file size of maximum 1 GB. You can upload files of any type and each file is given a unique ID.
3.    If the data you send is not downloaded by the recipient within 24 hours, then it gets self destructed. 
4.    The names of your files and folders cannot be seen even by this service. All the data’s are encrypted and only the sequentially numbered containers will be seen.

•    No backdoors and data mining 
With the Privatoria VPN download and instant connectivity, you need not worry about data mining as no personal information will be sought by the provider. Also, this service does not have any government back doors.


Security and privacy

You can use the L2TP/ IPSec or OpenVPN servers depending on the device you have. The L2TP is supported by 256-bit AES encryption and a pre- shared key. OpenVPN makes use of 128-bit AES encryption with secure 2048-bit RSA handshaking. You can also use Privatoria to connect to the Tor network. This service does not keep any log of your traffic, user IP address and time stamp. Hence, you get 100 % privacy.


Support service

There is a live chat support on offer on the website which is not offered 24 hours. There are also a FAQ and comprehensive set up guide offered on the user account page.


Client account

The sign up process is simple and you will be asked just the user name and password. No other personal information is requested. You can immediately log in and access the personal account area. You can locate Privatoria VPN for Mac or other systems and start using this service.



There is no bespoke VPN client for Windows and other OS. You will come across setting up guides for supported OS and devices like Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS and Ubuntu Linux.



Apart from very low pricing, you can use the USA IP VPN servers offered by this service to enjoy highest anonymity, decent security, Tor network access, no logs policy and other common VPN functions. The minor flaws you might encounter are low speeds on non-US servers, no detailed technical info on the website and connection issues. Overall, this service is ideal for novice as well as advanced VPN users.

Update: 21/06/2016