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OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP and TTP Proxy
Key Features:
Multiple Connections; No logs; Protected from disconnection; High encryption
Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS and Android

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is one of the best tools to offer you internet security and privacy. No matter you are browsing the internet from your home or through a public Wi-Fi network; there are many VPN services that offer top class security and privacy features along with great prices. There are many things to be considered when you are choosing a good VPN service they are: anonymity protection, wide number of servers, no logging policy, high-end protocol support, bypassing firewalls and unrestricted content access. One of the best VPN service providers to offer you internet security the way you want to is the PrivateVPN. This is a Swedish VPN provider that offers you advanced and best UK and USA VPN free service. This VPN service has undergone a name change from PrivatVPN and offers and offers an excellent Windows VPN client.

The advantages you get from this reliable VPN service include: port forwarding, shared and dynamic IPs, unblocking all VoIP applications. Four device simultaneous connectivity, connection guard and multiple operating system support. You also have the option to download PrivateVPN software on your system and enjoy a free test of this service for 24 hours.


Tariffs and pricing

Like most of the well known VPN services this VPN also offers 3 plans to meet the various needs of their clients. There are no hidden fees charged by this service and all plans carry the same features. The plans are as follows:

•    30 day plan
This plan is billed at $8 per month

•    90 day plan
You will be billed $20.66 every 3 months to use this VPN plan. The monthly charges for this plan is $6.9.

•    365 day plan
If your usage is high, then you can opt for this yearly plan. You will have to pay $75 to use this plan. This plan will carry a monthly price of $6.25 only.

The features offered for all the above plans include: Dynamic public IP, shared IP with port forwarding, free remote setup, 2048-bit encryption, TAP and TUN for OpenVPN, apart from the regular VPN features.


Server info

At present PrivateVPN offers total of 34 servers spread in Europe, North America and Australia. It has its presence felt in 20 countries and you get the option of using any server you want. All servers come with unlimited switching speed and bandwidth features.



This PrivateVPN service offers you many common VPN features apart from special security features.

•    Free trial
PrivateVPN offers you 24 hour free trial of its service. It is provided through the gift code service. Anyone willing to avail the free trial needs to send an e-mail to the support agent of the company and request a bonus code. A gift code will be sent to your e-mail address which you can use to access PrivateVPN software download for your device. There is no money back guarantee or refunds offered on any of the subscription packages.

•    Port forwarding
You can enjoy port forwarding on the OpenVPN servers you choose from this service. You also get the option of using both shared IPs and public dynamic IPs when browsing anonymously.

•    Multiple connections
This service offers you the option to connect up to four devices using a single VPN account. This gives you the flexibility to use different devices and systems to access specific things on the internet.

•    Connection guard
If you are making use of the windows client of the service, you can protect your connection from disconnection. You also have the option to choose the applications you need to close on disconnection.

•    100% anonymity
This service offers high end encryption of your data and hence no one will be able to track your location and IP address, when compared to a traditional ISP connection.

•    Virus protection
If you have anti-virus software installed in your system and still face threat from malware, viruses and phishing attacks. Then your VPN connection will safeguard your PC from all such malicious attacks.

•    Wi-Fi hotspot security
You need not worry about man-in- the-middle issues and online fraud that is a common feature when using public Wi-Fi hotspots. The communication channel between the server and your system is completely protected and all your data is encrypted.


Security and privacy

As this service is based in Sweden, you can be assured of the no logs policy vouched. The only thing the service will store is your name, e-mail address and password. This VPN service scores well on the technical side also. All the servers of this service are supported by 256-bit AES data encryption with 2048-bit Diffie- Hellman key exchange. The encryption protocols offered are: PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and HTTP proxy. Apart from this, it offers TAP and TUN for OpenVPN.


Support service

The website carries a blog and FAQ page to offer users information about the service and its use. There is a customer service section where you can get in touch with a customer support agent through e-mail. You just need to enter your name, e-mail and message and send it to get a reply within a day or two. There is also a live chat support offered on the website.


Client account

Click on the plan you like and you will be taken to a sign up page where you need to enter minimal details like username e-mail and password. Choose your payment option and follow the instructions to complete your account registration. 



This VPN offers multiple operating system and device support. The devices supported are Android and iOS and the OS’s are Linux, Mac and Windows. With PrivateVPN download on any of your devices, you can instantly start to use the VPN features.



This secure VPN software offers great encryption and a host of features to make this service a popular one. Its USPs include: 256-bit AES encryption, connection guard, shared IPs and 4 device simultaneous connection. The windows client does not support 256-AES and this is a big disappointment. The VPN pricing is also a bit on the higher side.


Update: 21/06/2016