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OpenVPN, IPSec, SSH2 tunnel, Squid proxies, SOCKS5 and PPTP
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No logging/log-files; For all your devices; Cascading of multiple VPN servers; Configurable port-forwardings; No traffic limit; Up to 1000mbps bandwidth
Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux and Android

VPN service providers enable you in getting safely connected to a server, available on the web. They generally give you an IP address, which is absolutely anonymized. There are also some add-on elements, which VPN companies want to comprise in order to make the product much more striking. One of these VPN companies is Perfect Privacy.

Perfect Privacy is the New Zealand-based VPN service provider that started its journey in 2008. However, the other members of this company are from various nations. This international business enterprise may be referred to as the commercial VPN service provider instead of home-developed VPN system.

The website of Perfect Privacy is, in fact, not much simpler to navigate. However, it gives lots of helpful details in a comprehensible manner. It is better to find technical facts and recommendations on VPN rules that are easily available.


Tariffs and prices

In terms of charges, the VPN service of Perfect Privacy seems to be little pricier. The company believes that all their services deserve some price, and thus, there is no free trial, offered by them. The most inexpensive way to get their solutions is to purchase one year’s package at once, where the monthly costs may be about €10.41 or $11.20 on every month. However, if you pay for the service on monthly basis, then it may cost about €16.49, or around $17.70. On the other hand, if you make use of unspecified Paysafecard service, then the monthly subscription may cost about €20.00. However, the most undesirable fact is that there is no money-back assurance for any new customer.

Though this private VPN service provides some payment choices, you may not pay straight with a credit card. Rather, you have to utilize an intermediary solution, like WebMoney or PayPal. It indicates that the company commits to collect user data, which is not more than what is truly essential.



The VPN Company offers an extensive range of servers. There are more than 36 servers that are fitted in twenty-three nations. However, not all of these servers have the consistent encryption procedures. The company has divided various servers into various encryption rules. It has allocated exceptional identities to every server, for example, unlimited traffic or limited traffic. Thus, you will be able to select a server, in accordance with their requirements; however, the things become complicated while you like to browse through a safe system, but need a bigger bandwidth.



The company helps in unlimited real-time connections for every account and comprises an option to bind 4 VPN links right away. It is a quite cool trait that includes several security layers. But, the speed of connection is hampered to a certain extent.  The company claims to provide the speeds of about 2000 to 3000 Mbps. However, in fact, most of the users have not enjoyed that.

Because of the features related to security and encryption systems, the speed has the possibility to suffer to a little extent. However, many users have, in fact, got almost forty percent of the accessible ISP rate that is good.

Another notable thing about Perfect Privacy is that besides IPSec VPN and OpenVPN service, the company also provides SOCKS5 proxies and Squid HTTPS. VPN Perfect Privacy review also shows that the company presents their individual Tunnel Manager in order to manage everything.


Security and Privacy

You may get connected to the VPN of the company through IPSec or OpenVPN, and there is a wonderful separation of two alternatives accessible on their site. OpenVPN makes use of the encryption system - AES-256, while, in accordance with the backup, IPSec applies AES-256, in most of the cases. SSH2 channels are also offered on the basis of the application.

There are just three particular records that are kept by the company login ID, email ID and the date of account expiration. It is good fact, and here, the company reveals its main concern- anonymity.


Support service

Perfect Privacy presents user assistant through email, on the online forum. There is another option - TeamViewer that comprises the choice for the support of remote desktop. However, the unfortunate fact is that not all these options offer 24 hours’ support, although there is an option of email support, and the time of response is found to be quite fast.

The online forum is, in fact, one of the best parts, added to the site and it gives the opportunity for peer support or conversation and consideration from the staff of Perfect Privacy.


Client account

The registration process for the service of Perfect Privacy is extremely simple, and it needs simply one email address along with a username and password. There are no other data, which is required or requested. When the registration is completed, the users may progress to the options of payment for starting or upgrading the subscription. Since it relies completely on the providers of third-party payment, any other user data is not gathered by the company at this phase.



Perfect Privacy VPN software sustains a number of platforms. The users of Windows 7 (IPSec, HTTP proxy, SSH2), Windows 8 (IKEv2, OpenVPN, HTTP proxy), and Windows Vista (IPSec/ OpenVPN) may set up their connection of VPN. But, the strange fact is that there is no support for the users of XP version. You can also download Perfect Privacy VPN for Mac or Linux.

Mobile as well as other devices are also supported. For instance, in the case of the iPhone and iPad users, there are IPSec, PPTP and L2TP, while for Android users, there are options of IPSec, OpenVPN and PPTP. Moreover, in the case of the routers, TomatoUSB and DD-WRT must offer connections. In general, the comprehensive range is good, and a number of upcoming gadgets may be comprised in the future.



Perfect Privacy is a good VPN service for those users, whose main concerns are online anonymity and encryption. Though there is no free trial, offered by the company, you may get an outstanding level of service. Besides, their customer support and guides are helpful to discover everything, given by the VPN service provider.

Update: 08/06/2016