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Comprehensive Review of Express VPN Services and Features 

VPN software is a dime a dozen. There are lots of different options available to choose from. However, not all services are created equal. Some are a lot better than others. A VPN client should be treated with the utmost respect without being overcharged. There are major advantages to VPN USA services that should be enjoyed. Express VPN is a USA VPN free website that takes a great amount of pride of providing excellent perks to their satisfied customers. There are many reasons why you should buy VPN USA.  Security is one of the priorities of this VPN service website. The speeds and lack of restrictions provide simplicity while the ability to interface on a scale of devices. A USA IP VPN is always the best and most reliable choice. There has never been a better time to take advantage of the plentiful benefits currently being offered by Express VPN.

Pricing Options and Plans Offered from Express VPN

The pricing options and payment plans offered from Express VPN are a force to be reckoned with. The three basic pricing and service packages offer a thirty day money back guarantee if users are not completely satisfied with the service that they receive. All three packages provide the same basic service. However, each package costs a different amount. The longer that a user signs up for a service the more money they will ultimately save. A wide variety of payment options are accepted. China Union Pay, Alipay, Web Money, Giropay, Cash U, and Pay Safe Card are all payment options that are accepted at Express VPN. The following is a comprehensive list of the prices and service packages that are being offered by the best VPN service on the web. 

  • Twelve Month Plan – The twelve month plan lasts and is billed every twelve months. This plan is the most affordable and by far the best deal. It is the most popular plan allows users to save up to thirty five percent. 
  • One Month Plan – The one month plan is for a thirty day period. The billing cycle also occurs every thirty days. This is a great short term plan. Many people opt to start with a one month plan until they feel more secure using the service. This plan costs just less than thirteen dollars. 
  • Six Month Plan – The six month plan costs just under ten dollars a month. The billing cycle occurs twice a year. All service packages contain the same services. Reliable VPN service is what Express VPN is known for. 

Server Information for Express VPN

Express VPN provides users the ability to switch servers at any time that they wish. Bandwidth restrictions are nonexistent. Speed restrictions are also nonexistent. There are servers in over one hundred cities across the entire globe. Server locations vary from America to Brazil and even to Costa Rica. The options are practically limitless. There are approximately one hundred locations for servers located in seventy eight different countries. This SSL VPN service goes above and beyond to provide customers with the most reliable and discreet services. A private VPN service like Express VPN works sort of like a post office box. Instead of providing a home address, the mail is sent directly to a post office box at a post office. This good VPN service works somewhat the same way. 

Secure VPN Software Features and Functions

Other VPN software does not allow users to connect two devices at the same time. With Express VPN, customers can connect simultaneously without issues. There is a two device limit, but most other service providers do not even allow two devices to be connected at the same time. The software is extremely easy to use and install. In fact, it is one of the most user friendly software VPN downloads. Users can down VPN for Mac. The VPN for Mac is one of the most popular downloads. However, it is possible to download VPN for Windows as well. Express VPN is one of the most highly praised VPN review on the web. Users rave about how effective the software works. 

Security and Privacy: VPN Download Software that Covers Your Tracks

Web security and privacy are extremely important to prevent identity theft, computer crimes, and also just to let users roam the web as they please without being tracked or monitored. The Express VPN software download is the ultimate force to block your web activity from being monitored in any way, shape, or form. The company is British Virgin Isles. This means that the company does not have to abide by EUR DRD laws or the US Data Retention. This means that your privacy is protected without breaking any local or federal laws. 

Support and Service from Express VPN

Customer support is always there when Express VPN customers need them the most. They are always happy to lend a helping hand to customers twenty four hours a day seven days a week. The Express VPN website offers users step by step guides and screen shot images to help them figure issues out on their own. However, if the user still needs help the customer support team is always there to provide quality support that users can count on. 

Client Account Purchase Process

It has never been easier to get the best private SSL VPN services from Express VPN. The signup process only requires users to enter an email address and input their payment information. Once the email address is verified, users will find a link sending them to the page where they can download the software. 


There are a wide variety of platforms available including iOS operating systems. Mac, Windows, and Android platforms are all accepted devices at Express VPN. 


All in all, Express VPN is one of the best VPN services on the web. It provides a thirty day money back guarantee with privacy protection at affordable prices. The standard is the Open VPN which is one of the things customers love most about this service. The simple sign up and installation process are another perks. 

Update: 08/06/2016