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OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP
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No bandwidth; Free proxy service; High speed
Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS and Android

The threat to internet users is increasing by the minute. There are over 300,000 malicious files and malware coming up every day on the internet. It is about time that you sought to protect your online privacy and security. The internet is flooded with many hackers and fraudsters who can easily get access to your online activities by tracking your IP address. They can have access to your bank account details and credit card details as well as sensitive and important information that you send online. You will only get to know about it after a fraudulent activity has been committed. So, to prevent these things from happening, it is better to use the services of a reliable VPN service.

NolimitVPN is a good VPN service located in France that offers you secure internet access and gives you 100% internet protection for the money you pay. Some of the advantages that you get when you use this private VPN service are: 256-bit data encryption, Wi-Fi hotspot protection, firewalls, free proxy service, DNS, ultra high speed, worldwide network and access to blocked websites and applications. You can download the secure VPN software for a wide variety of platforms and enjoy surfing the internet anonymously and without any worries of being hacked anymore.


Tariffs and prices

NolimitVPN offers you a 48 hour free trial option for both the basic and the premium plans on offer. You can cancel your subscription within 48 hours of your VPN service activation and you will not be charged any amount. The plans on offer are as follows:

•    Basic plan
There are 2 options for this plan. You can opt for monthly plan or yearly plan according to your needs. The monthly plan will be billed $5.76 a month. The yearly basic plan will be billed annually and you need to pay $43.50 every year. You save more than 60% when you prefer to use the yearly basic plan for the monthly plan.

•    Premium plan
Like the basic plan, the premium plan is also offered to users with 2 options: monthly and yearly. The basic plan is offered at $7.24 and you will be billed every month. The yearly plan is ideal for high end users. It is billed at $58 a year. You enjoy a savings of 68% when you opt for the yearly premium plan when compared to the monthly plan.

The features offered for both these plans are more or less the same. They are: same server locations, high end encryption protocols, anonymous IP, DNS and proxy service and firewall protection. The only difference is in the bandwidth. The basic users get a bandwidth of 10 Mbps with high speed and the premium plan users’ gets bandwidth of 100 Mbps with ultra high speed.


Server information

This VPN service offers you the option to access any of its 30 servers located in 8 different countries to surf anonymously. Some of the popular countries where you will find NolimitVPN servers are: France, Germany, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore and Japan.



Download NolimitVPN software on your device and you get to access a plethora of features from this service.

•    Absolute privacy
Your IP address provided by your ISP will be completely masked and a new IP address will be provided to you by one of the VPN servers you choose. No one will be able to get a clue about your internet traffic as all the traffic from the server will be mixed. This gives you 100% anonymity always.

•    No DNS filtering
The censorships on place by government and ISP providers will be completely thwarted out by this service. Your communication with the server is taking place through the secure encrypted tunnel that will prevent all kinds of DNS filtering.

•    Proxy service
If you have some data that are not sensitive or private, to be transmitted, then you can use the free proxy service. This ensures that you transmit data at ultra high speed.

•    Firewall
With firewall protection, you can be assured of complete solutions for botnets, phishing, malware and spam from the internet. With the NolimitVPN software download, there will be no intruders on your devices.

•    Wi-Fi freedom
The worries of accessing internet from Wi-Fi hotspots will be a thing of the past once you have the NolimitVPN download done on your device. It will prevent anyone from accessing and stealing your important passwords, credit cards, files and other sensitive information. 


Security and privacy

The service at present offers you the option to choose the level of encryption that you want. It makes use of the L2TP and PPTP encryption protocols to encrypt the communication between your device and the VPN server. It is very difficult to decrypt the data you send and receive as NolimitVPN uses 128-bit and 256-bit encryptions. The service does not keep logs or any other information of your internet activities. The US and the France servers keep the log of timestamps of its users for 48 hours.


Support service

Apart from the FAQ page in the help section, this VPN service also offers its users with live chat support during office hours. There is also an e-mail support on offer with a promise of response within 48 hours.


Client purchase process

You can click on the free trial option for the plan that you wish to use. You will be directed to sign up page where you need to key in your email address and full name. After registration, new users will have to confirm their email address to start the trial offer. You can make payments through credit card or PayPal.



There is no bespoke VPN client on offer for Windows or other OS. The technology is so designed that it operates with a tool in your computer, Smartphone or tablet. It is compatible with all OS like: Windows, Mac OSX, Ubuntu, Android and iOS devices.



With added features like any website and media site accessibility, VoIP access and access to geo-blocked websites you have complete freedom to access anything and everything you want online anonymously. So, download NolimitVPN software for Windows or other devices or other OS and start using this affordable and reliable VPN.


Update: 08/06/2016