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OpenVPN and PPTP
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Unlimited Bandwidth; Unlimited downloads; Easy to install; High speed connectivity
Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux and Android

Internet provides the mankind with unlimited communication as well as unrestricted access which is turning into a major global security issue. People familiar with internet are also familiar with the term hacking or rather hackers who look for limitations and weak spots in a particular operating system or even network with the intention of misusing one’s personal and confidential information. VPN is one such technology which is used to combat the aspect of unrestricted access to one’s personal details from internet hackers. My Private Network (MPN) is a popular VPN service provider ensuring secured internet access to individuals since 2008. They presently operate in about fifteen different countries with more than 80 servers across the globe and thus, aptly enjoy the title of being a global service provider along with a reliable VPN service provider. MPN is competent enough to offer one with a protected, safe, undisclosed internet connection to a different country of one’s choice which as a result enables one to be in complete management of his/her internet experience along with providing an added level of protection as well as security. A few of the advantages of MPN include:

  • Unblock blocked sites as well as programs.
  • Right to use online gaming deals.
  • Access to particular sites such as lotteries as well as banks in different countries.
  • Additional protection and safety related to online banking.
  • Ensuring online privacy of one’s personal information.
  • Bypass blocks as well as limitations in terms of local internet.


Prices & Packages

Prices and Packages for Enjoying the Benefits of My Private Network

No Free Lunches - My Private Network, being one of the best VPN service providers believes that all good things come with a price and thus, does not offer free trials or even considerable discounts unlike other VPN providers.

Subscription for a single country is supposed to be the fundamental offer provided by MPN and the costs sum up to about £5 each month whereas, in case of an international subscription, the costs accumulate to approximately £9 each month. One can also be spoilt for a choice when it comes to opting for the kind of packages as they range from three and six to twelve months. However, the VPN package cost shoots up in case a user intends to avail enhanced protocols or additional security. Presently, pricing is known to be only offered in Sterling and hence, the package costs might differ with the fluctuations related to exchange rates. The other three payment preferences comprise bitpay, Payza, manual payment, Gate2Shop and PayPal.


Going Global

MPN was established in the year 2008 with the aim of providing private VPN service. MPN is known to engage more than 80 servers with its presence in about thirty two different countries which includes United States, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, Luxembourg, Spain, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Holland, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Malaysia and Russia along with others. The global presence of MPN ensures an equally protected and safe internet connection to one in any of the mentioned countries. The increased number of servers facilitates one to have all the benefits offered by MPN not only in the home country, but even in other countries as well while travelling regularly to various geographical locations. Subscribing to the MPN service relates to the fact that the internet traffic of the particular user or subscriber is encrypted. An individual is assured a totally transparent and confidential internet service as a return against his/her money.


Functions offered by MPN to its Users

MPN engages a great technology in terms of speed and thus, rules out the dreaded feature of being sluggish with agonizingly slow downloads. Unlimited downloads accompanied with a wide global reach and increased speed makes the mentioned private VPN service provider highly appreciated by its users. The installation page along with the webpage is quite intuitive as well as simple to follow enabling easy availability of important information. To sum it up, unrestricted connections, super simple way of installation and usage, low monthly package prices combined with unlimited bandwidth perfectly explain MPN’s popularity amongst VPN clients who are far from anything but being internet savvy and yet prefers to enjoy a secured and hassle free internet experience.


Security & Privacy being the top Priorities for MPN

MPN works on PPTP or the SSL approach, considered to be increasingly complex and Open VPN Protocol. Users are provided the liberty of deciding on the Protocol that needs to be selected based on the individual security as well as browsing requirements. The PPTP and the OpenVPN are more often related to easier connections which engage the requirement of nominal setups in comparison to SSL which involves added downloads. Basically, MPN is in identified to a quality service provider with regard to all protocols and functions with Shared along with Dynamic IPs. The aspects of privacy, transparency and security remain to be the main area of concern for MPN which is rightfully satisfied by way of encrypting one’s communication from the moment of his/her subscription.


Support Service of MPN

Online support to customers is provided by MPN through remote desktop as well as email. The option of Live Chat is yet to be activated. However, the absence of live communication with the support team of MPN does not restrict prompt actions while resolving customer issues and moreover, a single glance at the ‘Knowledge Base’ section of the website provides solutions and answers to almost all the possible queries.


Purchase Procedure of MPN

MPN, the secure VPN software can be easily set up by initially opting for the desired package and making the payment followed by downloading of the software. The VPN software can be easily downloaded for a secured and protected browsing experience by following the above mentioned purchase procedure.


Operating Platforms for MPN

MPN is believed to be compatible with almost all the operating systems widely used such as Linux, Windows, iOS and Android. It can be even configured for the purpose of using it on one’s tablet, gaming console or even mobile phone.



MPN offers an overall, hassle free and easy to install software to individuals looking forward to communicate with media in home country while abroad. Apart from this, high speed connectivity, unlimited downloads, pocket friendly packages accompanied with enhanced protection and safety of their customers from internet eavesdroppers, data sniffers and hackers adds to the increasing popularity of the mentioned VPN service provider.

Update: 08/06/2016