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OpenVPN and L2TP
Key Features:
Access all the restricted sites; Secure connection for its software; Multi-device support
Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS

Are you an expat living in a foreign country and not able to access TV services offered in your home country? Do you feel that you need some service that will help to bypass censorship in foreign countries so that you can access your local websites and streaming services? Well, the internet is loaded with many VPN services. There are many internet users who are on a hunt for reliable VPN service providers. There are many others who use a good VPN service to always stay anonymous online. You will find some people looking for the best VPN service just to access media streaming services from other countries. If you are one among the group of people looking for unblocked media content, then My Expat Network is one service that is operating purely to offer its users access the foreign streaming services.

This service will offer you a local IP address in Canada, Australia, UK or the US and through this service you will be able to access locally restricted contents even if you are in other countries. Your location will always be kept private by this service. Some of the advantages on offer are complete internet freedom, flexible packages, multi-device support and wide VPN servers.


Tariffs and prices

This service offers packages to cover various devices like PC, tablet, mobile, Mac and VPN routers. There is also a country bundle access offer for countries like UK, US, Canada and Australia. Hence, you will find several packages on offer to suit your needs.


1. UK subscription package

• For PC/ Mac/ router
To avail this plan, you need to pay $5.76 every month. If you opt to pay yearly then you can save 20% on the monthly price. The features offered are PC and Mac VPN client software, UK IP address, OpenVPN and IPSec and quick installation.

• For mobile
This is also charged at $5.76 and opting for 12 month plan will provide you with 20% discount. The features on offer in this plan are My Expat Network VPN software app for android and iOS, UK IP, complete security and instant activation.

• All in one pack
To enjoy this plan you need to pay $9.22 a month and you can save 20% when you opt for the annual plan. All the features offered on the PC as well as Mobile plans can be used in this plan. You can use UK, US, Australia or Canadian IP address.


2. US subscription package

• For PC/ Mac/ router
This plan will be billed $4 per month. To save money, opt for 12 month plan. You are offered with US IP address.

• For mobile
This is also priced $ 4 per month. Pay for one full year to get 20%.

• All in one pack
This plan is billed at $9.60 a month. You get the option to download secure VPN software for PC, Mac and handheld devices. You can use all four IP addresses.


3. Canadian package

• For PC/ Mac/ router
You will be billed $6.31 a month for this plan with 20% discount for yearly plan. You will be able to use Canadian IP address only. 

• For mobile
It carries the same price as PC pack and you can use only Canadian server.  

• All in one package
This plan is billed $10.10 per month. You have access to all IP addresses.


4. Australian package

• For PC/ Mac/ router
You need to pay $6.17 monthly for this plan. You will be offered only Australian IP address. 

• For mobile
This plan is also priced at $6.17 a month. You get access to iOS and Android apps and the option to use Australian IP.

• All in one pack
Priced at $9.87 a month, this pack offers access to all 4 servers.


Server info

There are over 120 servers on offer and most of them are located in the UK, US, Australia and Canada.



Following are the features offered by this private VPN service.

  • You are offered with local identity always so that you can easily access all the restricted sites.
  • Your connection will be always secure and safe no matter you are accessing it at home or when you are on the move.
  • You have the option to choose your TV streaming service and the online content you love from anywhere and everywhere. You can be assured of accessing this content safely and securely through this VPN.
  • This VPN offers secure connection for its software. All you need to do is to sign up, install and connect to stay anonymous.
  • With one VPN account, you have opted to use 5 devices at the same time.


Security and privacy 

This service uses a L2TP/IPSec encryption protocol on mobile devices and OpenVPN on computers and desktops. The company does not keep any logs of the bandwidth used and the connection details of the user. 


Support service

The support page on the website of this service offers you details on the installation set ups. You can click on the “help” button to enter your request in the search box. If the reply is not satisfactory, you can leave a message and you will get the help needed within a day. 


Client account

You can opt for the type of service you want from the packages page. Click on the “join now” option and in the sign up page, choose the country to unblock, device, payment plan and click the “check out” option. Make the payment using suitable payment methods and you get a user name and password.



This VPN offers the best VPN software to support systems and devices like android, iOS and Windows phones and tablets; Windows, Linux and Mac OS and DD-WRT routers.



This is one of the sleekest VPNs that offer maximum importance for its expat users who miss watching their local TV services. It offers decent VPN features, but lacks in offering proper technical support. With the My Expat Network VPN software download for your respective device, you get complete freedom to watch all your favorite TV programs from anywhere.

Update: 01/07/2016