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Technologies always assist us in getting connected in some incredible ways, but at the same time, it has also exposed our privacy to danger. Our private data, secret files and personal conversations may be interrupted by online hackers, huge companies or government associations. Though they may have various purposes while using such data, the most common issue is that they try to invade our confidentiality. Unfortunately, it isn’t the only problem for the users. Restriction is a different opponent of freedom in online world and it hampers our activities in some way.

You perhaps reside in a nation, where the accessibility to internet has been restricted by some local bodies. A VPN is the effective tool to fight against surveillance and censorship in online world. However, it is significant to select the VPN service wisely. Though you may get a number of companies, claiming to defend your confidentiality and to offer you freedom for accessing any website, there are many VPN service providers, which really keep their promises.

Mullvad is one of the Swedish VPN service providers which may provide the most consistent solution to keep your own privacy safe and unblock online content. In Sweden, though there are data maintenance rules, VPNs aren’t dependent on such policy. More significantly, Mullvad is dedicated to maintain the anonymity as well as online independence of their clients.


Tariffs and prices

The pricing structure, presented by the company is very simple. You have to pay only €5 for every month, and there are no multiple types of service packages. When you need to buy their service for more than one month, the charge will be calculated according to the number of months. With the flat service charge, Mullvad offers simple yet safe OpenVPN connection.



Mullvad has more 5 VPN servers, placed in four different nations, including, Netherland, Sweden, the USA and Germany. Though these regions will sustain most of the services of Mullvad and may enable you to adjust your site for protecting your own identity, you may not get access to the content of 4oD or BBC iPlayer, because they are available just in the UK. Besides, though P2P is allowed, you must not link to servers, present in the United States or Germany while making use of torrent applications. Thus, your experience of using the online sites is quite less flexible.



With a small team, Mullvad is providing effective VPN solution. They have provided a simple, easy to use website, which focuses on the service. The protocols that are sustained by this company include OpenVPN, the most excellent technology, which you can use for securing your data.



Mullvad never complies with the EU DRD and does not reveal anything because they do not request any individual data, like email address. Besides, they also do not log the activities of the users. They make use of 128-bit Blowfish and 2048 – bit RSA encryption, which is perfect for preventing activities of hackers. Though they may not be very high-level of encryption, the company promises to maintain your security. Besides, their DNS leak prevention system also makes sure that your IP is not exposed.



The website, presented by Mullvad VPN service provider, is elaborate, but easy to navigate. It includes all the essential aspects with suitable clarification. Besides, for supporting the customers, there is an FAQ page in the website that comprises the most significant queries, which are often asked by many users. Mullvad has also provided you with an email ID sustained with PGP encryption. You may also get a fast and accurate response from the team of Mullvad. Most of the customers have stated that usually, it takes almost 2 hours to give the answer. However, the negative aspect is that Mullvad does not offer any live chat option that is found in many other VPN providers.


Client account

While signing up for the service of Mullvad, you may get the option to enjoy the free trial. However, it is only for three hours you can try out their service and find the level of performance. You do not need to give any personal inform for having this trial. If you like to keep on using this service, you may accomplish your registration process to get one ID number.

To make the payment, you may choose any option, such as Bitcoin, PayPal, Credit Card and Bank Wire. Besides, you have also the opportunity to send cash to the Headquarter of the company. The letter, mailed anonymously may guarantee the users’ anonymity.

After creating the account and giving payment, you will get connected to any server with no trouble. When you like to alter the present server, it may be done from Settings.



Mullvad VPN software has compatibility with all the main operating systems, used by the clients. The software performs best with Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS. Besides, it also allows the users to make use of the good VPN service on all the devices that range from tabs and Smartphone to laptops and desktops. In addition to it, the company also presents source code documents, which help the users to work on all the desired platforms. It is obviously the best feature, available with Mullvad’s VPN service. You may apply a DD-WRT router for setting up Mullvad. It is also possible to connect maximum three devices with the use of a single account. For instance, you have to utilize a particular customer ID for all 3 gadgets by fixing this ID under Settings option in the program.



Mullvad has given major focus on offering VPN solution, which may successfully protect the users’ privacy. Though its security system isn’t the much superior, it gives a high level of protection against spying. All the services of Mullvad are basic and isn’t versatile that may slow down your experience, while downloading or streaming online content. Yet, Mullvad is highly recommendable for those, who desire a reliable VPN service provider, which accomplishes everything to allow you to stay anonymous.

Update: 08/06/2016