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OpenVPN, L2TP over IPSec and PPTP
Key Features:
No more web censorship; Protects sensitive information; P2P and file sharing; Mobile security
Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux and Android

Are you looking for a trustworthy VPN provider to browse websites online without revealing your internet identity? Do you want to access blocked sites in your country by changing your IP-geo location? If you would like to enjoy all the features that are offered by reliable VPN service, then Le VPN is not a bad choice. This private VPN service was founded by a team of information security specialists in 2010. It is located in France and offers first class and secure VPN software, which is developed in association with SparkLabs Viscocity. Using this VPN, you can change your IP address to any IP offered in the 114 different countries where the company has its servers. So, living in France, you will be able to watch live American TV online. 

This VPN, sends all your internet traffic through and isolated VPN tunnel which is protected by very strong encryption. Le VPN is one of the best VPN service providers in the market today that guarantees that offers complete online privacy and security at the click of a button. The major advantages that this reliable VPN service offers are high-speed VPN, multiple device compatibility, 7-day money back guarantee, SmartDNS service and two simultaneous device connectivity.


Tariffs and prices

Like most other VPN services this VPN also offers 3 different plans to suit the needs of its users. Its pricing is as follows:

  • Monthly plan - To avail this plan, you will have to make a payment of $9.95 per month.
  • 6 months plan - If you are selecting this plan, then your monthly pricing will come down to as low as $7.50 and you will have to make the payment of $45, once in six months.
  • Yearly plan - This plan is the best of the lot as it carries a reasonable price of just $4.95 a month. You will be billed $60 once every year to avail this plan.

Some of the features offered in all the three plans are 400+ servers, high-speed VPN+ SmartDNS, top encryption protocols, two simultaneous connections, etc.


Server info

There are as many as 400 servers on offer from Le VPN. These servers are located in114 different countries. It has its presence felt in North and South America, Europe, Asia, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. 



The following are the attractive features that you can make use of when you download this good VPN service software.

•    Protects sensitive information
This is an important feature for every internet user who is on constant travel. With the Le VPN software, you can surf any of the websites and also share sensitive information online even when you are connected to the internet from Wi-Fi hotspots. 

•    No more web censorship
If you are living in a country where the government blocks certain websites and monitors your access to websites, then, this VPN will bypass the government censors and allow you to access all restricted websites. 

•    P2P and file sharing
This VPN will allow the user to make use of file sharing tools like torrents and peer to peer networks to share files. The traffic shared through this VPN service will also be highly encrypted. 

•    Online TV unblocking
With Le VPN download; you can now unblock many online TV sites like Netflix, Hulu, BBCiPlayer, etc., even if you are living in countries where such services are blocked. With the SmartDNS service you will be able to stream the movie content from multiple regions at higher speeds. 

•    Mobile security
As many of the people now use Smart phones to access the web, there is always the threat of the activity being monitored when using 3G or Wi-Fi. This VPN offers you guaranteed mobile security as traffic from your mobile phone is encrypted and send through reliable service. 

The other features and benefits are:

  • Immediate activation.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and speed.
  • Custom VPN software.
  • Support of top end VPN protocols.
  • Easy to download and install software.
  • No logging.
  • Unlimited server switching.
  • No third party intervention.


Security and privacy

This SSL VPN service does not keep any direct logs of the customer’s activities. The sessions of the customer are not actively monitored for illegal activities. The service fully complies with the requests made by authorities for user information. It offers a great selection of encryption. The servers use 256-bit AES type encryption to protect the incoming and outgoing data. Each server location can be connected through PPTP, L2TP and Open VPN.


Support service

There is a separate support page on offer on the website. It offers knowledge-base as well as a support ticket system. There is no option to carry out live chat with a customer agent. The ticket system is reasonably good and you get the reply for medium priority ticketed within a few hours. The support page also carries the installation guide for various devices. To download Le VPN for Mac, just choose the option Le VPN on Mac OS X.


Client support

Signing up for a new account to have access to Le VPN software download is easy and will not take much of your time. You will have to give your email address and a password to sign up. Once done, you will have to select the method of payment. The VPN service will send an email with your username and password along with the quick set guide link. Click on this link to set up your VPN connection.



The Le VPN offers support for Windows, Linux and Mac operating system users. Just download Le VPN for Windows to start using the service windows 10, 8, 7, XP and Vista systems. The VPN can be used on Android and iOS devices.



Le VPN is focused on offering global VPN network with high quality multiple protocol support. Its USP’s are: hybrid VPN, lower prices, multiple servers, Bitcoin payment and good response to queries. It lacks in offering live customer support and poor logging policy. Despite these few flaws, this VPN offers a host of services that are comparable to the best VPN services in the industry.

Update: 08/06/2016