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OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP
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NAT firewall; Unlimited traffic; Unlimited bandwidth; P2P and torrent servers; 256-bit encryption; Twin location connections; 24x7x365 User support
Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS and Android

The Kepard Company was started in 2012. The company is headquartered in Chisinau in the Republic of Moldova. Upon its launch, the company established itself as a modest, reliable VPN service provider which offers highly competitively priced plans. The company has over the years grown in leaps and bounds and this has seen it have servers in 9 countries.

Kepard.com is a company which is established with the strong belief that every person has a right to explore the internet as they wish no matter where they are located around the globe. This has led the company to modify its VPN client services to enable the many customers it has to browse the internet using shielded IP addresses. This means that if you are in Ukraine, you can log in to the internet using the Kepard.com hidden IP address and stream live all that Netflix has to offer. Netflix is only offered in the USA and a few other places. In short, you get more freedom to explore the internet and without worrying about your safety and privacy.


The plans that Kepard.com has to offer

There is only one VPN USA plan available. This applies to all other customers from the rest of the world. With this plan, you get to enjoy more IP addresses, which allow you to appear as though you are surfing in a place different from where you actually are. You also stand to enjoy exceptionally high internet speeds as well as unlimited bandwidth. The only choice that you have is for the amount you get to pay. If you opt to pay per month for the services, you will need to pay $7 which translates to $84 yearly. However, if you opt to pay for the whole year, you will only need $35.

For the purpose of bringing in the reluctant customers, Kepard.com has offered a 30-minute per day chance to its customers to try out the service it offers for free. When you get the premium account, you can connect up to 2 devices. The other advantage is that you can connect to PTP torrent which is unique to the server located in the Netherlands.


Where are the firm’s servers located?

For maximum fun, Kepard.com allows you to connect 2 devices simultaneously. With these devices, you can connect to any one of the many servers which are found in 9 countries. 7 of those servers are strategically distributed across Europe, while 2 are located in North America. There are certain servers that you will find more content than others. However, the company helps its customers make the best pick when it comes to relevant servers.


What should make you go for Kepard.com?

  • Internet freedom – With this private VPN service firm, you will have an easy time accessing sites that are banned at college, workplace or hotels. You will also get access to sites and channels that are banned or flagged in your country.
  • Improved internet privacy – We are living in times when websites are aggressively looking for as many customers as possible. While some will result into phishing tricks, there are those that will use Geolocation to track what your online habits are like. This enables them to send you unsolicited emails. Moreover, government agencies, as well as hackers, are tracking your online habits. To prevent any one of these prying eyes, seeing what you do online, you need to go for the Kepard.com VPN software download.
  • Modern encryption – There is always the risk of your email account getting hacked into. To prevent anyone accessing your internet data, Kepard has invested in 256-bit encryption service which ensures that all your data transfers remain safe. Even if such information was to land in the wrong hands, they would not be able to decode it. The encryption helps you access the Kepard servers without any fear of getting discovered by anyone.


Your privacy and Security online

Kepard.com is one of the best VPN service providers mainly because it has invested quite handsomely in its privacy and security features. Unlike many VPN service providers, Kepard keeps customer logs for up to 3 days. The company says that it will corporate with the Moldovan authorities to give your details, but this is limited to the three days period. Given that nothing much will have happened in three days and by the time the subpoena is issued and authorized, the three days will have passed; there is really no threat there.


How is the support service?

The support team at Kepard is efficient given that all your requests either via ticketing, or email gets answered within minutes. While the platform is quite easy and enjoyable to navigate, you won’t find a lot of information. This is especially the case if you are looking for some technical information. The FAQ section offers some help, albeit limited. The only place where you will find information about this SSL VPN firm is from its blog which unfortunately get updated monthly.


Open an account at Kepard

Joining the Kepard family is easy, especially because the platform is very easy to understand. You can try out the free option available which affords you the chance to explore the internet almost instantly. If looking for the paid for service, you will need to give more personal details besides your email and name. If you are using a Windows or an Android device, this is the VPN firm to think of.


Platforms supported by Kepard

The Kepard.com VPN software is primarily meant for Android devices. However, there is a detailed guide on how you can set up your Windows device. Other platforms that are easy to setup manually here include Linux and OSX. All of these platforms will be protected by the PTPP, L2TP and IPSec protocols.



When you get the Kepard.com VPN download, you have the option of using OpenVPN, UDP or TCP. The connectivity is fast and the website is user-friendly. While the Android app is exceedingly good, the company should ensure that its 128-bit encryption is upgraded to 256-bit as it states on its website. 

Update: 04/07/2016