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OpenVPN and L2TP
Key Features:
Connect to any server anytime; Unlimited bandwidth; 256 bit AES + 4096 bit RSA; 24/7 access to real people; 7-Day Money Back Guarantee; Supports anonymous payments; Unlimited server reconnects and switches
Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS

IVPN.net is a relatively new player amongst the existing private VPN service providers but has been immensely successful in building a favourable repute for itself within a short period of time. It is said to be a modern name in the industry owing to its new and innovative features that makes it different from the other VPN providers. One of the chief modern features of IVPN.net includes the accessibility of multihop VPN in comparison to OpenVPN. Online privacy and security is becoming a grave concern for people all over the globe. Human beings are known to be social beings, but everyone prefers to have their personal space in real as well as virtual worlds. Incidents of hacking personal information and identity on the internet have been on the rise, thereby, posing a great threat to the online users. The services of IVPN.net come as a great relief as it specializes in protecting the privacy of the online users along with offering them a completely personal net surfing experience thus, making it one of the most reliable VPN service providers. IVPN.net is quite a popular choice when it comes to opting for a VPN service provider which can be attributed to its definite set of services that can be availed by all the users, irrespective of the kind of monthly plan.


Tariffs & Prices

IVPN.net has one single package which is offered over a period of durations. In other words, it provides all its available services in a combined package which only differs in terms of the length of the period of subscription. This is supposed to be one of the most useful packages for its monetary worth as users are spared the confusion of opting between variously priced plans in order to come across the suitable one which would satisfy all of their requirements. Reductions are offered for the plan with extended period of subscription for instance the savings for quarterly and biannual packages are about 11% and 22% respectively. Similarly, savings for an annual package goes up to 44%, which is notably higher than the other packages. IVPN.net does not include any kind of free trial, but offers a “7 days money-back guarantee” scheme.


Technical Information

IVPN.net has its base in Malta and presently provides their VPN services to ten different countries throughout the globe with the help of their 17 servers which are located across Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, China, USA, Iceland, Netherlands, Romania and Switzerland. People from more than 150 various countries are known to avail the services of the company. The main purpose of the founding team of the company was to form a kind of VPN service which would decide the benchmarks for the other VPN service providing companies in the industry.



IVPN.net in comparison to the other VPN companies permits connection to its online users to two or even more VPN servers in order to direct their traffic which as a result ensures increased degree of anonymity and protection. The multihop feature is attained by incorporating this particular technology with OpenVPN’s 256 bit encryption. The other functions are:

  • Supports numerous devices as well as protocols.
  • Does not maintain logs of internet activities.
  • Unlimited usage of bandwidth.
  • Capability of sharing files.
  • Unlimited server reconnects and switches.
  • Absence of lock-in contracts.
  • Supports anonymous payments in order to maintain privacy of the customers.
  • Employs security technologies that are mobile friendly for instance L2TP/IPSec.
  • Supports functions related to port forwarding for inbound links on IVPN services.
  • Supports services related to instant activation.
  • Supports competent and light weight software for various operating systems.
  • Supports unblocking services for numerous geographically restricted entertainment channels and websites.
  • Supports shared dynamic IPs for the reason enhanced security.


Security & Privacy

IVPN.net offers a selection of L2TP, PPTP and OpenVPN options which includes encryption till 256-bit wherever available. The services will even safeguard one in opposition to any identified IP leaks, therefore protecting one’s device from theft of personal information and identity. The technology of multihop is considered great for enhancing the degree of security along with surfing the web anonymously. It even provides the advantage of specialized routers which can be installed by anyone at their homes for ensuring protection for all the devices connected to the web through the provided router. The company strictly refrains from maintaining logs regarding customer browsing except for some information which is of utmost significance for the mentioned company. These security features make it quite secure VPN software to deal with.


Support Service

IVPN.net presently provides technical support to their customers through emails and ticketing and lacks the facility of troubleshooting with the assistance of live chat sessions. All the emails and tickets are addressed within four hours of its submission. Apart from this, the brilliantly documented tips for solving problems and setup guides are quite supportive for all sorts of issues.


Purchase Procedure

The purchase procedure of IVPN.net services for VPN client is quite simple and hassle free which places it in the list of the best VPN service providers. There are several configuration and installation alternatives with IVPN. One can opt for either installing the VPN software or even setting the connection manually on own. After the process of signing up and registering for the service, the user receives different configuration settings and login parameters related to the VPN software download.



The VPN software is an idle one to use owing to its compatibility with most of the operating systems. It aims at offering a wide range of selections and flexibility to the online users by incorporating dynamic support for various operating systems for instance, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, Apple Mac OSX, Apple iOS and Android. Most of the operating systems are actively supported by IVPN for instance, it offers download of VPN for Mac and also download of VPN for Windows however, support to Android devices is provided through ‘third party applications’.



IVPN.net is amongst the handful VPN service providers that live up to its assurance with regard to privacy. They value their declaration and thus, no logs are maintained which can be traced back to the personal identity of the user. IVPN.net is highly recommended for those who look for that additional degree of safety and security while browsing the web. Its multihop feature offers the much required extra security to the users, as detection of real location of the user becomes increasingly complex when using numerous servers. 

Update: 08/06/2016