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L2TP, PPTP and OpenVPN, HTTP, DNS Proxy and SOCKS5
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7-Day Money Back Guarantee; No limitations on bandwidth; Smart DNS Proxy; No Activity Logs; 24/7 Customer Support
Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

People are known to be increasingly getting savvier owing to the newly discovered virtual world or rather the Internet. Majority of the population spends a significant amount of their personal time on the Web carrying out various internet activities from browsing the net to socializing. It would be wrong to think that these internet activities go unnoticed and stays completely personal, as it actually meant to be. However, going unnoticed on the Web is a myth which is becoming a grave concern for the online users. Theft of identity and information, although being a cyber crime, is sadly on the rise. Therefore, people are frantically looking for a solution to prevent such crimes. Users need to be connected with the help of a protected tunnel while browsing the Web in order to maintain privacy of their identity as well as information. IronSocket is one such VPN service which claims to provide a one stop solution for all such cyber crimes and even more. The services are known to be ideal for keeping away one from cyber spying ways. IronSocket is originally a Hong Kong based company which was formerly known as HideMyNet.com which specialized in DNS Proxy and VPN technologies. IronSocket is learnt to be the end result of an acquisition by the former company that is HideMyNet.com.


Tariffs & Prices

IronSocket has three different plans which permit one to exactly avail the desired services from a good VPN service provider. The durations of the packages are one month, six month and one year respectively. The monthly package costs about $6.99 which includes all the features however, increased cash saving can be enjoyed if opted for the packages with longer duration. The six month package costs $35.95 and the one year package costs $49.95 which breaks to just $4.16 each month. Access to three IP slots and VPN are included in all the mentioned packages which facilitates the users to concurrently make use of the service on three different kinds of devices. The VPN also offers a scheme of ‘7-Day Money Back Guarantee’ and all the new subscribers are entitled to avail this plan in case they are dissatisfied with the services of IronSocket.


Information on IronSocket Servers

IronSocket was formed with the sole mission of offering a protected and trustworthy internet connectivity and access to not only their users but also businesses across the globe. They made serious efforts in creating as well as promoting a strong tool of protection for the online consumers so that the advantage of privately surfing the web can be enjoyed by all the online users without having to be concerned regarding the security of their private data and information. The company has been rightly able to live up to its mission by constantly developing along with providing outstanding VPN security services to all its online subscribers throughout the globe. IronSocket is able to deliver such services owing to its vast presence across the globe in about 36 different countries which includes UK, Singapore, Taiwan, USA, Japan, Hong Kong and more. It has more than 50 VPN servers that are globally located which further facilitates absolute private web access at great speeds.


Comprehending the Functions of IronSocket

  • The VPN offers their users a simultaneous access to three VPN protocols and they are L2TP, PPTP and OpenVPN along with HTTP, DNS Proxy and SOCKS5.
  • IronSocket provide its users’ unlimited usage of bandwidth, so that the users’ are able to benefit from their VPN accounts to the maximum. They are also known to offer unrestricted server connect to their service users, which makes them one of the best private VPN service providers.
  • IronSocket refrains from maintaining any kind of logs or record of any kind of activities or information of their online users’.
  • The new subscribers of IronSocket are all offered a ‘7 days money back guarantee’ refund policy which makes them eligible for a 100% money back claim in case they are dissatisfied with the VPN’s services.
  • IronSocket allows one to stream movies as well as shows along with other different streaming websites in any part of the globe. It also lets one to access all the online social media websites with little or rather no limitations on bandwidth.
  • One can surf the web confidentially and anonymously with the services of IronSocket and it also prevents theft of online information as well as identity.
  • IronSocket provides their online consumers encryptions of military grade, which facilitates in safeguarding identity and information online.


Security & Privacy

IronSocket employs the perfect OpenVPN protocol wherever possible with regard to encryption along with supporting other significant available protocols for those devices which might not be compatible enough with OpenVPN. The service of the VPN includes 256-bit AES form of encryption, which makes certain of enhanced protection to their online customers thus ensuring its consumers quite secured VPN software.


Customer Support

IronSocket offers quite spontaneous assistance to its users regarding any of their services related requirements. Their customer support can be reached any time and day with the help of a contact form which can be found on their website. Apart from this, they also offer the option of live chat, guides as well as tutorials in order to solve the queries of their customers.


The Purchase Procedure

The purchase procedure of IronSocket services for a VPN client is quite simple and easy. One needs to choose from the package plans and subscribe accordingly by making the required payment. Configuration as well as installation of the mentioned VPN service on any of the supported devices has been appropriately documented on their website’s setup page. Apart from this, troubleshooting guides followed by installation tutorials can be availed from its knowledgebase.



The VPN supports all such devices which run on Mac OS, Linux, Windows, Android and iOS. It is also compatible with iPad, Routers, Play Station, iPhone, Apple TV, other devices supported by IronSocket SmartDNS and Smart TV’s.



IronSocket is a reputable VPN service provider which offers trustworthy VPN services and connectivity. It offers a range of multiple services at quite an affordable price and is therefore, worth the money. However, absence of their own software makes it necessary for the users to set up the VPN manually on their own or they can even opt for third-party software.

Update: 08/06/2016