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OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP
Key Features:
Unlimited bandwidth; Free trial for a day; Visit blocked sites
Windows, Mac and iOS

With the increasing amount of cyber threats, data and private information hacking and internet hackers, everyone is looking for a safe and reliable VPN service to access content on the internet. Many fear that their data and details can be easily compromised when they access the net through the IP address given to them by their internet service provider. No one likes to access content on the web through their real IP address. They now look for fake IP addresses from VPN client providers so that they can access online content without any worries. So, whenever you look for a good VPN service, you will want one that offers 100% security and privacy and has attractive VPN packages. The service must also offer a decent amount of servers. inCloak is a private VPN service that will help in changing your IP, hide your internet history, give you complete online protection and also help in unblocking the sites that are restricted by government agencies in your region. Apart from this, the advantages that you get by using the HideMe VPN software on your system are: change the IPS of all the apps on your PC, unlimited bandwidth and data transfer, encrypt and protect your online traffic, unblock any ports or blocked sites, work on multiple devices and the option to choose the country of your fake IP address.


Tariffs and prices

inCloak is in service for nine years now and offers some of the most attractive plans to meet the different VPN needs of every user. The plans are as follows:  

  • One day plan

Try out the VPN service by opting for the one day plan charged at $0.9. All features you find in the long term subscription plans will be featured in this plan as well.

  • One month plan

This plan is billed at $8 a month. You can enjoy features like 76 server connections, unlimited bandwidth, top end encryption protocol, multi device software, etc.

  • Special semiannual offer

This is a 6 month plan that is billed at $20 for 6 months. This comes to just $3.3 a month and has all the features of inCloak VPN.

  • Special annual offer

This is the best plan for full time internet users. It is billed at $33 for a year. This amounts to just $2.8 a month.

All the plans, including the one month plan are offered with a 7 day money back guarantee.


Server information

This service has about 79 servers that are located in about 57 cities in 37 countries all over the globe. The number of servers is being added depending on the need. Some of the countries where the servers are located include: USA, Germany, England, Czech Republic, Israel, Japan, China and Singapore.



The following are the features that you get when you download inCloak VPN for Mac or other devices. It is a feature rich VPN service.    

  • Free trial for a day

This is a feature that you will not get to see from the best of the best VPNs. You can choose any server location to surf anonymously. You can see how the service functions before making a payment. 

  • Visit blocked sites

inCloak VPN download will give you complete freedom to access all social media sites or any other streaming sites or new sites that are blocked in your country. Your data will not be compromised even when you are gaining access to regionally blocked ports, content and sites.  

  • Foolproof anonymity

You can enjoy  full online privacy and make use of an anonymous IP address and any of the servers in the 37 countries to access software, live streaming services, games, etc., offered online. All applications that run on the internet will not be able to track your original IP address once you access the internet through this VPN.

  • 7-day money back guarantee

Make a payment to any of the plans you like and download the secure VPN software. You can try this service out for a week and ask for a refund within a week, if you are not satisfied with the service. You are entitled to a full refund.

  • Unlimited bandwidth

There is no limit on the data transfer and the bandwidth that you use. You can also switch from one server to the other without any additional charges.


Privacy and security

This VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer or device you are using and the servers. Hence, any data that is transmitted or received will not be intercepted by any key nodes. This SSL VPN service makes use of the popular encryption protocols like OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP with AES 256-bit encryption and RSA 2048-bit key, 128-bit AES and MPPE128-bit respectively.


Support service

This service offers 24 hours online live chat support. You can also make use of the support form page on the website to submit your questions about the services. You will get prompt reply within half a day.


Client account

All you have to do is to buy the plan of your choice and just give your email address to sign up for a new account. No other personal information is needed to open a new VPN account. Once the software is downloaded to your device, you can start using the service.



You can choose the download inCloak VPN for Mac or download inCloak VPN for Windows to access the VPN service on your Mac or Windows PCs respectively. It will also run on Android, Windows and iOS mobiles as well as routers. All the respective software is available for download on the website.



With features like simultaneous logins, one day free trial, affordable plans, 7-days money back guarantee, wide variety of servers and proxy as well as personal VPN services, there is no doubt that inCloak VPN is a very good option for any internet user. Even though it keeps logs of your activities and does not ensure constant speeds always, you will find that it is a dependable service through this VPN inCloak review.

February 15/2016
There are many internet users looking to remain anonymous when they are browsing the internet. They are worried that their private details like name, credit card information and other personal details can be easily hacked by hackers, internet fraudsters as well as government... Read more
Update: 08/06/2016