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SmartDNS; Unlimited Bandwidth and Server Switches; Kill Switch; Low prices
Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux and Android

Invisible Browsing VPN, alternatively known as ibVPN is basically a provider of VPN service with its base in Romania. The services were initiated in the year 2010 by an enthusiastic team of 15 whose prime concern was internet security and thus, aimed at enhancing the aspect of internet safety as well as anonymity for users while indulging in online services or visiting websites. No online user feels comfortable with the idea being watched over which can be effectively checked with the usage of VPN services such as ibVPN. They kick started their services by way of providing L2TP and PPTP connections and also supports Open VPN. The VPN makes it possible for online users to browse the Web safely and invisibly without leaving behind a hint and getting tracked. All the applications as well as programs installed on one’s PC would involuntarily start functioning via VPN in order to ensure an increased level of anonymity and safety. Therefore, ibVPN is a one stop solution for individuals with online privacy as their top priority. The VPN also facilitates in accessing restricted applications as well as websites and guarantees prevention to theft of identity.


Tariffs & Prices

ibVPN offers some great VPN plans and includes numerous kinds of accounts on the basis of one’s requirements. The VPN offers their consumers an orderly little pricing structure and has three diverse packages on the basis of the length or rather the time period of subscription. The duration of the packages is one month, three month and one year. All the three packages include support of multi-protocol and assure absolute compatibility for almost all electronic devices which even comprise smartphones. The price charged by ibVPN for the subscription of a month might appear to be a bit steep, whereas the subscriptions for 3 and 12 months are relatively cheaper. ibVPN splits its services or packages into two fundamental categories and they are Multi VPN and Premium along with a DNS service package as well. However, it is worth mentioning in this context that all these packages offer the facility of opting between L2TP, SSTP, PPTP or OpenVPN depending on the requirements of its users along with unlimited bandwidth.


Information on ibVPN Servers

ibVPN initially started in the year 2003 by providing proxy services, but over the years has gradually transformed into one of the best VPN service providers by extending its services to private networks virtually. The company presently has about 95 servers located in 63 different countries through which it offers one the required resources needed for browsing the web anonymously without having to compromise on download speeds. ibVPn also offers about 2,590 varied IP addresses in order to cycle through, which in turn aids in safeguarding one’s confidentiality and enables in keeping the user’s location private and protected.


Exceptional Features of ibVPN

•    Multiple Protocol Support: ibVPN is known to support Open VPN, PPTP, L2TP and also SSTP protocols
•    SmartDNS: This service is considered to be an additional and complimentary one provided by the company to their respective VPN subscriptions, which further facilitates the users with access to preferred  television shows that are usually limited in their respective locations
•    P2P/Torrent Access: ibVPN lets its users access torrents and applications through P2P on the servers of Canada, Luxembourg and Netherland
•    Unlimited Bandwidth and Server Switches: The VPN offers its users unlimited bandwidth at any point of their preferred time. They also offer their users the benefit of getting connected to all of their 92 servers as and when they want
•    Auto Reconnect: This function automatically connects one back to his/her VPN connections at any given time
•    Kill Switch: The mentioned feature mechanically shuts down all the running applications in case of an unwanted disconnection of one’s VPN

Apart from the above mentioned functions, ibVPN also provides access to restricted media sites, safeguards one’s online safety and privacy, evades local limitations as well as restrictions and prevents theft of personal information by hackers.


Security & Privacy

ibVPN, being one of the most reliable VPN service providers need to compulsorily focus on their capability of keeping one’s identity and activities invisible. ibVPN assures not to keep an eye on their users internet usage nor spy on them. They also do not maintain any kind of logs regarding their users’ online activities. However, they are known to hold and record quite some information for the purpose of being able to charge one appropriately for their services and VPN connections. The nature of information recorded includes location of the connection and time, quantity of usage of the bandwidth during a specific session and duration of one’s VPN connections. ibVPN confirms the fact that the information stored is only used for the purpose of billing and also to prevent any sort of online criminal activities.


Support Service

ibVPN does a commendable job in terms of Customer Support. It not only offers information, but also instructs its users along with providing assistance to its client VPN in the occurrence of technical issues. One can easily get in touch with ibVPN with the help of Email, Remote Assistance, Support Tickets and Live Chat sessions. Users can also get some fast tips and learnings by simply going through their Forum discussions, Frequently Asked Questions section and searchable Knowledgebase.


Purchase Procedure of Client VPN

The registration and purchase procedure for the VPN software is quite hassle-free which requires least possible information. On registration, the user will receive an email with all the needed account details and a link for the VPN software download which takes place in no time.



ibVPN is compatible with any device which runs on Linux, MacOS, Windows and Android. It also functions on playstation, Roku, DD-WRT, Apple TV, Xbox and Sabai routers. The VPN offers devoted desktop clients for OSX and Windows along with applications for OSX and Android.



The prices of ibVPN services are low compared to the other VPN service providers and offers great value for money with its excellent speed. The numerous packages and plans offer everything for someone by competently satisfying the needs of the users in one way or the other. ibVPN is a sought after name owing to its flexibility, consistency and diversity. The servers located throughout various continents enhance is worth and a capable Blowfish algorithm makes certain of its presence in the long run. 

Update: 08/06/2016