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Multiple IPs and better technical support; Torrents and file sharing; Works on all devices
Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

First of all, you need to understand what a VPN does. Good VPN services like Hola makes the internet much more secure because they create a virtual network tunnel in which their clients operate. The virtual tunnels can be local when VPN clients connect to local servers or the tunnel can extend across the globe. When you are in this tunnel, it is a lot harder to track or monitor you since there are so many others using the same network which is making it hard to track individual IP addresses. They also cannot track what you are doing when you use the internet. This is perfect for internet users because if no one can monitor them, no one can see what you are doing online which is perfect for those who love torrents and streaming from various countries. You are a lot safer from hackers, ISP and censorship. Another great benefit of using a private VPN service is that you get full access to websites that would normally have been restricted to your location simply because no one knows where you are connecting from. You can have full access to any and all content the internet has to offer.


Tariffs and prices of Hola

This is one of the most popular and best VPN services because they offer their services for free for non-commercial use and they also have a package available for commercial use.

Free package – The free package has a surprising amount of benefits that you can enjoy when you get this service. You bypass internet censorship, speed up your browsing, save on bandwidth costs, improve online privacy, ads are blocked and you get unlimited daily usage. The only downside is that you are accessing the internet as a P2P network, which means that you are accessing the internet through other people’s computers and they are accessing it through yours which is both beneficial and risky.

Hola Premium – Hola Premium costs only $5 per month and you can cancel the membership at any moment. You can also apply for a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the services. They offer all the benefits that the free membership offers but you get added benefits because you are not a peer which enhances your online security. You can use the software on multiple browsers and enjoy the best customer support. You also get great discounts when you take out the annual package which reduces your monthly fee to only $3.75.


Info on Servers provided by Hola

Hola’s 79 million clients are obviously not from one country. People from all over the world can enjoy this service. The P2P networks are a bit slow but when you connect to dedicated servers in countries like the USA, UK and Canada, you get a much more secure network and your speeds are much faster. It is, however a bit unclear how many servers they have and how many server locations they have. The locations are also a bit of a mystery.


Functions of Hola

  • Premium clients can transfer as much data as they want on a daily basis.
  • Hola is also available for businesses that get benefits like higher bandwidth; multiple IPs and better technical support.
  • You can stream anything you like and be completely anonymous while doing so.
  • Unblock any website from any country and use the internet as free as a bird because you will have full access to any and all content.
  • This USA IP VPN allows torrents and file sharing through their P2P network so you can download and share anything you like at any time convenient to you.


Security and Privacy of Hola

Hola uses proxy servers for their P2P networks. The networks do provide greater security and safety to VPN clients because it is a lot harder to monitor or trace one individual IP address from a large mass that is actively using the servers. It is also a lot harder to pinpoint which sites that an individual is using. The only downside is it is not impossible since Hola doesn’t use any security protocols or encryption software for the creation of these P2P networks.


Support service when you use Hola

Hola has a very vast FAQ section that you can scan through for self-help. You can get just about any issue like iOS troubleshooting, billing issues and security issues solved. Free clients sadly don’t get personal customer support, but premium members do when they sign into the website they get access to contact details which allows them to make personal inquiries about any issue that they are currently dealing with.


Client Account process for Hola

You can get Hola completely free, by simply downloading the software directly from their website. No questions are asked if you are a free member. When you want to become a premium member, you will have to register online and make a secure payment before your account will be activated, but once that is done, your security, performance and speed is boosted so you can enjoy better online protection.


Platforms available at Hola

Hola works on all devices. The secure VPN software is available for Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Android, iPhone and iPad, Windows, Apple, Xbox, PlayStation, Consoles, routers, Apple TV, Smart TV and Chromestat so you can stream content and enjoy as many online games as possible.


Summary of Hola’s services and products

Hola is not the most secure VPN service out there, but when something is for free, you can hardly complain since everything comes with a price these days. Hola is the perfect service provider for those who love to stream movies, series and TV shows without any restrictions on content. They are also great for online gaming since they also provide software for gaming devices. With Hola even your online browsing is much more secure thanks to the natural characteristics of the network. 

March 02/2016
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