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PPTP, L2TP, IPsec (IKEv1 and IKEv2), OpenVPN, SSTP and SOCKS
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Unlimited bandwidth; Unlimited data transfer; Full protocol support; 5 simultaneous connections; Port forwarding
Windiws, Mac, Android and iOS

These days it is incredibly important to hide your online activities and presence simply because there are so many restrictions and hackers out there. Internet hackers are terrible because if they cannot get a hold of your private account information they will try to blackmail you with some of your private conversations, information or photos. Internet hackers are also the reason why so many governments are restricting sites like Facebook in an attempt to keep their people safe. You can now be completely invisible when you enjoy the internet by using the services of a good VPN service like HideMe. When you have HideMe, you can do anything you like because all internet and website restrictions are removed simply because censorship software and ISP cannot detect your online presence. This is great for allowing you to stream some movies or play some online games when the content isn’t available in your area because you can enjoy these restricted sites and no one will ever know. The reliable VPN service also protects you from hacking because your personal IP address is hidden so no one can get a hold of your private account information.


Tariffs and prices of HideMe

HideMe is one of the best VPN services because they offer free services such as a free proxy and a free membership package that you can enjoy.

Free Proxy – You can get a free web proxy which allows you to serve the internet completely anonymously because the proxy encrypts all of your online activities so no one will ever be able to monitor what you are doing online.

Free package – The free membership allows you to connect to three locations, namely Canada, Singapore and Netherlands. You only get best effort bandwidth and you are restricted to 2GB of data transfers. The protocol support is limited and you can download the software on only one device. 

Plus package – The plus package costs only $5.42 per month and gives you access to 29 server locations across the globe. You get unlimited bandwidth, but you are restricted to only 75GB of data transfers a month. You get full protocol support, but can only connect one device.

Premium package – This is HideMe’s most popular package. You pay $11.67 per month and get full access to 29 server locations, unlimited data and bandwidth transfers; full protocol support, port forwarding and you can connect up to five devices at the same time.

HideMe makes payments incredibly easy because they offer multiple payment solutions through PayPal, Bitcoin, Credit card and much more.


Info on Servers of HideMe

HideMe is an international company that will protect you on all of your travels or visits. VPN clients can travel across the globe and connect through any connection and be completely safe while doing so. They have servers in 29 locations that allow you to access any website from anywhere, so you can enjoy any content you want.


Functions of HideMe

  • A free proxy allows you to be completely anonymous when you surf the net because all of your online activities will be encrypted.
  • You can stream, download or share any content you like and have your fill of the best and latest movies because you will have full access to popular online channels like Netflix even if these sites are restricted in your area.
  • All websites are immediately unblocked when you use this VPN service.
  • Protect yourself from nosy people who might be spying on your online conversations and be completely safe from hackers who might want to steal your account information.
  • Enjoy the fastest connections when you access any of the servers.
  • No logs are kept so nothing you do can be pinpointed back to you.


Security and Privacy provided by HideMe

HideMe combines some of the best security protocols like PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IPSec (IKEv1 and IDEv2) OpenVPN and SoftEthr for a completely secure and protected network in which you can do anything you like, stream any content you wish or download anything you like and be completely undetected and untraceable. By combining these protocols, HideMe provides you with the most secure VPN software and you are also protected from internet hackers since your IP address is hidden so no one can access your private conversations or get access to some of your private accounts.


Support service of HideMe

You can get the best online support from this private VPN service that allows you to open tickets for email support, contact them directly through the live chat sessions or join one of their communities and get the best advice from fellow clients.


HideMe Client Account process

You can do the HideMe VPN download instantly by simply clicking on the links provided online so you can test their free services. If you want to commit to the service, you have to select one of the packages and make an online payment by registering with an email address. Once that is done, your free connection will be upsized and you will have a lot more benefits such as more server locations and more.


HideMe Platforms

HideMe has easy to use and install software for multiple platforms that include Windows PC, OS X, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Ubuntu, Routers and even Blackberry. You can get any device protected or protect five devices at the same time when you get the premium membership. The software has a uniform design for all devices so you can be proficient in the software no matter what device you use.


Summary on HideMe

If you want the ultimate secure VPN software then HideMe is a definite must. You can test the services for free and be protected for up to 2GB of data transfers or go for their most popular package and get protection for all devices and enjoy all the benefits that HideMe has to offer. HideMe is affordable and is one of the VPN services that provide the most freebies. They have great customer support and all their software is completely user-friendly and easy to setup.

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