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OpenVPN and PPTP
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Free mode; Simple to use; Save bandwidth; Torrents, Tor and I2P
Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS

Hideman.net is a VPN service provider based in the United Kingdom. It was started in 2011 and has over the years grown to cover more than 20 countries spaced across the globe. The company was formed with the aim of giving customers impeccable security and privacy features that lack in other providers.

Hideman has positioned itself as being an ideal VPN client oriented firm which looks into what the customers really want and delivering on the same. It has managed to do this with its precise designing of its android app which is very popular with customers. The company prides itself on having a high performing encryption model, IP shielding feature as well as a fast data transfer model. This has been made possible by the diversity of the servers and the tech savvy support team.


The prices of the plans featured here

  • Free Plan – In this plan, you stand to enjoy a host of services free of charge. You can access the services whether you are using Windows, android, iOS, or Mac OS X device. The only restriction is that both data and bandwidth are limited. You also get a limited access to servers.
  • Mobile Plan – This plan is designed to work with android and iOS devices. You will have unlimited access to data transfer as well as bandwidth. In this plan, you will be required to pay $2.9 if you take up the monthly option. You will pay $4.9 if you take the 2-month option and if you go for the one year package, you will pay $24.90.
  • Ultimate Plan – You will be able to enjoy this plan if you have devices running on Windows, android, iOS, Mac OS X and any other that the support team will advise. The charges are $9 for one month, $15 for two months and $69 if you take the yearly package.

Important information to take note of the plans featured is that for both mobile and ultimate plans, a customer can enjoy OpenVPN, IPSec, and Proxy. In addition to this, a customer will be able to change their IP on the fly. This is not possible for customers in the free plan section.


Where are the servers located?

As a firm that is striving to offer the very best VPN service to its customers, Hideman has invested in high-quality servers which are distributed in 22 countries. It is only in Canada, Germany, Netherlands, the USA, the UK and Russia where you can find two or more servers. The rest of the countries have single servers. The good thing about switching between servers is that you within a few seconds after clicking on the preferred server, you will automatically be ‘in the country’ of your choice.


The services to enjoy at Hideman.net

  • Downloads of torrents, Tor, and I2P – Get to download all your favorite torrents without the risk of being caught, punished or blocked. You will access 12P as well as onion platforms without the need of downloading anything extra.
  • Protected bandwidth – When surfing the internet in a public place or when you are using public Wi-Fi, there is the risk of getting hacked into and your data being accessed by hackers. With this service, your bandwidth is not only fast, but well protected.
  • Bypass all restriction – Whether it’s a game you want to play or a show that is on Netflix that you want to watch, Hideman is one of the ideal private VPN service providers in the market that can confidently offer you access to that.
  • Remove all barriers – The internet comes with many restrictions either because of your location in the world, the government of your country or just the policy of the websites that you want to access. When you sign up at Hideman, you stand a chance to bypass all protocols and enjoy the best that the world has to offer. You no longer have to worry being censored or restrained from accessing some of your favorite channels and websites.


Privacy and security at Hideman

The firm boasts of using the more reliable OpenVPN protocol, which encrypts data using 256-bit. It also uses PPTP protocol, which employs 128-bit encryption. On top of this, Hideman.net assures customers that no logging details whether regarding connection or data transfer is recorded or stored. When you are using the internet in public places, the firm ensures that all your data is strongly encrypted to prevent hackers accessing it. The IP address is also something that the firm has invested on. You get a chance to easily change your IP by a click of a button. It is not that easy with a majority of private VPN service providers.


Customer service

The website has an FAQ section which provides a lot of information for anyone who has a general question. There is a forum where you post your rather technical questions. The Facebook account, as well as the Twitter handle, provides a good opportunity for you to interact with the support team. However, if you have a pressing issue, there is a live chat where you can contact the team instantly.


Getting an account

Getting an account is no big deal at Hideman. You are required to enter your email address and then set your password which you will then be required to confirm. When you visit the download page, you will find an icon which enables you to download Hideman.com VPN for Windows. The other platforms are also featured and the download process is very easy, especially because the firm uses OpenVPN.



Hideman is open to all manner of operating software from all over the world. You don’t have to trouble yourself trying to understand how to set-up your account manually. The platforms used on this website include iOS, Linux, Mac OS X, and Android.



There is a lot that Hideman.com has offered its customers that you don’t get to find from the competition. The security, the speed and the unlimited bandwidth for the paid options are simply amazing. The customer service team is also very effective in what it does.  

Update: 02/07/2016