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OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec and PPTP
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99.99% uptime guarantee; Unlimited traffic guarantee; Free trial every day
Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS

Virtual private networks (VPN) have come to transform the way we explore the internet. They allow you to bypass unreasonable censorship regulations and other barriers that are found online. Flyvpn.com is one of the best VPN service providers in the industry since its launch in 2007. The company prides itself on having a global presence and having a solid server network distributed in over 30 countries.

Flyvpn.com is considered a reliable VPN service provider because it offers PTPP, IPSec, L2TP, OpenVPN which are seen as the best VPN protocol procedures in the industry. The company also boasts of having software compatible with a majority of operating software of modern devices. Whether you need to avoid the government scrutinizing eye, love streaming music and movies or staying safe online, this is the company to consider. It is one of the top VPN USA solutions that you should consider when you encounter censorship or restricted access to any channel or website.


The plans are available

FlyVPN has classified its services into four. To guarantee that customers get the best deal, it has included a free trial plan as well as a 30-day money back guarantee on all paid plans. The plans are as follows;

  • Free Trial – The Company allows new customers to test its VPN services for 20 minutes three times a day. You will have access to all the VPN services including encrypting and so much when you subscribe to this plan. However, only specified servers are dedicated to serving customers in this class.
  • Shared IP – In this plan, you stand to enjoy unlimited bandwidth. You will enjoy accessing servers located in over 30 countries well distributed across the world. The VPN servers to access are more than 150. The charges for the Shared IP plan are $80 if you make one annual payment. The price is $45 if you want to enjoy half a year subscription. You will pay$25 for three months and $10 if you pay monthly.
  • USA Dedicated – With this plan you get to enjoy one dedicated USA IP address. You will also enjoy unlimited connectivity throughout the month. The charges that the plan carries are $240 and $120 for a year and half year respectively.  You will pay $60 for three months and $20 for a whole month’s service.
  • Korea Dedicated IP – This plan is designed to offer prime accessibility to Korea-based channels and websites without the fear of getting hacked into or monitored. The plan comes with one dedicated Korea-based IP address. You will also enjoy unlimited bandwidth connectivity. The pricing is $170, $90, $45 and $15 for a whole year, half-year, quarter year and month respectively.


The location of the VPN servers

Flyvpn.com is regarded as one of the best VPN service providers in the USA, Korea, and Europe. There are over 100 shared servers distributed all over the world. Among the places to find a FlyVPN shared server include Germany, Britain, USA, South Africa, China, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Russia, Italy, Brazil, and New Zealand. The company also has dedicated servers located in Seoul, Korea and Scranton and LA in the USA.


WhatFlyvpn.com can do for you?

  • Bypass internet restrictions – Depending on the country you are residing today, there are several sites that the government, school or even hotel has put censorship controls or just flagged. In order to bypass these restrictions, all you need to do is register with this website. This means that you can watch channels such Netflix or access sites such as Gmail or YouTube.
  • Stream live – Your favorite music will no longer be out of reach. By going for the Flyvpn.com VPN download, you get to enjoy iHeartRadio, Pandora, US iTunes, QQ Music and Baidu Music among others without necessarily having to move from your seat.
  • Change your real IP address and improve on privacy and security – Anyone who is watching your online activity and habits will have a hard time when you sign up with Flyvpn.com. Whether you are using a Smartphone or a computer, you have the freedom to change your IP address to be hosted by any one of the more than 150 servers located around the world. More than this, you get the chance to encrypt all of the data that leaves or enters your device hence making extremely hard for hackers.
  • Unblock sites that have been blocked in your country – Flyvpn.com is one of the best VPN service provider firms when it comes to unblocking sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Gmail and so on.


Is Flyvpn.com any safer?

FlyVPN insists on having your security needs as a top priority. The company does this by ensuring that the servers have a 99.99% uptime. The company also employs L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN, and +IPSec protocols to ensure that your privacy is guaranteed. As for security, this SSL VPN service provider uses 128-bit encryption. Of course, the company also rides on the well-established reputation that it has garnered over the years.


Do customers get the best customer service at Flyvpn.com?

Admittedly, one of the most important features that customers are looking out for today is the way the customer service of a company operates. As for Flyvpn.com, you can rest assured to getting the very best because the support team is up 24/7 throughout the year. There is also a forum where you get to ask all of your questions and get accurate answers.


The procedure of opening an account

When you have decided to get access the services offered by this company, you first need to flyvpn.com VPN download icon placed at the top of the homepage. This software is compatible with every other device you can think of. You will then be required to pick a plan and then make payment with any of the availed options.


Platforms to use

The VPN services are hosted on Windows with a variety of languages to choose from. You can also get flyvpn.com VPN software download for iTouch, Mac, iPhone easily. Setting up for your Android device, Xbox and PS3 is also very easy and convenient.



There is no denying that flyvpn.com is one of the most reliable VPN service providers in the world. For maximum freedom in surfing which comes with no privacy risk, this is definitely the VPN Company to think of.

Update: 04/07/2016