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OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP
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Unlimited bandwidth; Free Servers; No logs; Traffic usage counter; Live support for customers
Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS

Finchvpn.com was established by a group of professionals who believed and still believe that every person, no matter where they are located around the globe is entitled to unlimited access to the internet. As such, they formed the company in 2012. Over the years, the company has established itself as a major competitor in the provision of the best VPN service.

The company is based in Malaysia but has a global presence thanks to its well-integrated server VPN network. In this Finchvpn.com VPN review, we look into different aspects of the company, privacy protocols, and customer service among other things. However, it is important to note that the company has millions of satisfied customers who use its ‘tunneling’ services. It is one of the few VPN companies which have a well-established network on each of the continents.


The Price Options Available

Finchvpn.com subscribers stand to enjoy three different plans which are tailored to meet a wide range of needs.

  • Free Plan – This plan is totally free, but comes with a monthly bandwidth restriction of 3GB. Subscribers have the privilege of enjoying OpenVPN and limited PTPP. Every day, a subscriber will be required to reset their password.  You will have access to several servers as well as have the privacy offered by the encryption applications of the company.
  • Pro – This plan allows you to enjoy a bandwidth of up to 25GB per month. You will have access to all of the servers as well as enjoy remote support from the company. The protocols used are OpenVPN and limited PTPP. When it comes to contacting the support team, you can use chatting, email or ticketing options. The price tag is $1.61 per month based on a yearly plan. It is marketed as a plan for the light surfer.
  • Premier – This is the ultimate plan that is designed for the people who use the internet a lot and those who wish to access the best that this reliable VPN service provider has to offer. There is unlimited bandwidth, and the pricing is $3.21 per month based on a one year plan. The protocols used are OpenVPN and PTPP. You are set to enjoy access to all the servers that are at Finchvpn.com Company’s disposal. Moreover, you will enjoy VPN encryption of data, remote support as well as port forwarding services.


How many servers does the company have and where are they located?

Finchvpn.com has established its base in Malaysia. The company has further identified 22 countries where it has set up its servers. Among the countries which host the company’s servers include Japan, USA, Luxembourg, South Africa, Hong Kong, Spain, Romania, Brazil, and Russia. In total, the company has 55 servers distributed in the 22 countries. Subscribers are able to access a wide range of channels and websites by switching between these servers.  


What you stand to gain by joining Finchvpn.com?

  • Bypass censorship – Maybe you are in a country where certain channels or websites such as YouTube, Facebook or Netflix are censored or totally prohibited. You could also be an expat who wants to access a site which is banned in your current country; FinchVPN is the perfect solution to bypass such censorship.
  • Enhanced privacy – There are plenty of internet sniffers such as marketing companies, government agencies who want to know your browsing habits and your whereabouts. To prevent anyone knowing anything about your online activities, FinchVPN seems to provide you with just the perfect privacy solution.
  • Hide IP address – You might want to buy something online from Netflix or access some website, but the country you are in makes it hard for you to achieve this. Upon going for the Finchvpn.com VPN software which hides your IP address, you stand a great chance to access every site and channel you choose.
  • Improved speed – When you are using the internet or streaming, you will enjoy the tremendously improved speeds that the company offers.


How safe is FinchVPN?

The main concern for a majority of VPN clients is their privacy and how secure they will be when they are surfing. Given that there are internet sniffers, hackers and other unwelcome entities lurking all over the internet, this SSL VPN service provider ensures that you get the best PTPP, OpenVPN and 160-bit encryption service that the industry can afford.

With Finchvpn.com, you can rest assured of being safe since the company does not keep logs. Even if subjected by law to give your personal location, the company won’t be able to help since it doesn’t keep any logs. The surveillance websites are only able to see the VPN USA location if you are not in the USA and you have opted to use a USA based server.


The support to expect from FinchVPN team

The different ways through which this reliable VPN service provider gets to serve you include ticketing, live chat and email. The company has a vibrant Google+ community as well as a Facebook page. You can ask your question on any one of these social media platforms. The company has even provided some DIY VPN troubleshooting solutions which have been proven effective over the past few years.


How easy is it to create an account?

There is Finchvpm.com VPN download for Mac, Windows as well as Android devices. You are supposed to sign up and get an account for you to enjoy services on this site. After downloading the software, you will then have the opportunity to make payment using any one of the options available.


Platforms featured

Finchvpn.com is very accommodating in that you literally have no reason to worry irrespective of the OS your device is running on. The website is compatible with Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Windows. Even if you have different devices running all of the five OS, you will enjoy surfing using FinchVPN using each one of them.



The privacy features that this private VPN service provider gives stands out as among the best in the industry. The diversity of the servers’ locations also makes this company stand out. This is not to forget that the prices of the different plans are extremely competitive. However, for the real feel of exactly how the services are, you should test drive the VPN provider.

Update: 03/07/2016