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OpenVPN and PPTP
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Online anonymity; Unlimited speed; Secure encryption; No log maintenance; Free switching between servers
Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS

In this VPN review, we look into the various aspects of VPN services that Faceless.me offers. One of the first things that we need to appreciate is that when you visit the internet, there are people, organizations and government agencies that are snooping to find out what you are up to. In order to make your online identity private and to also secure your data, you need to invest in a good VPN service company.

Faceless.me is one of the leading VPN service providers, especially when it comes to affordability and innovativeness. The VPN server is located in the Netherlands. The company is well recognized for its Free Plan, which enables anyone whose data flow is below 2GB per year to enjoy free services. This is ideal for anyone who uses internet services that do not demand a lot of data. However, for the streaming customers, they will need to go to the next higher plan.


The plans featured at Faceless.me

Faceless.me has received much acclaim from all over the world for letting customers enjoy 2GB free VPN data per year. With this package, you don’t have to sign up or give many details. All you have to do is go for the free Faceless.me VPN download which is compatible with almost any other gadget you can think of. However, with the free plan, you really don’t have any say when it comes to switching between servers. You will be stuck with one.

For those who want more functionality with their VPN account, there is a paid for the 3-month plan which will cost you $19.95 when you pay in lump sum. If you opt to pay per month, the price will go up to $6.65 per month.

The other deal to look out for is the 6-month premium plan which costs $29.95. When you chose to pay monthly, the price comes to $4.99. In all the paid for plans, it is important to note that there is no money back guarantee. This is probably the price is below what most competitors offer. If you are in Europe, you should factor in the VAT element on top of the prices quoted. When making payments, you can use any credit card.


Where are the company’s servers found?

According to Faceless.me, you have access to unlimited servers since it has set them up in all ‘major countries’. However, upon browsing the website, you will realize that there are no more than three countries which include the Netherlands, USA, and Russia. Despite this anomaly, when you connect to the listed countries’ servers, you will enjoy the incredibly fast connection.


Features you stand to enjoy

  • Anonymity – With the well-camouflaged IP address, you will hide from governments’ censorship. They won’t know what sites you are visiting, where you have visited or what you say online. Moreover, in this age when websites are working extra hard to analyze the population so as to be able to know what to market to you, you get shielded from them by this very reliable VPN service provider.
  • Accessibility – At times, an annoying ‘not available in your region’ message gets to disappear once you visit certain websites. Faceless.me avails to you a host of IP-restricted sites from across the world. More than this, you also get to enjoy live streaming of channels such as Netflix if you are in Europe or BBC iPlayer if you are in the USA. You get to enjoy the internet as you should without encountering any firewalls.
  • Security – Faceless.me uses protocols such as PTPP and OpenVPN to ensure that your data, as well as browsing information, is well encrypted. This means that sensitive information such as personal banking details and sensitive information is hidden from hackers and other unwelcome prying eyes.


Security and Privacy

Remember that Faceless.me allows you to sign up for a free account without really submitting a lot of personal details. This is an ideal privacy setting that helps out those customers who are looking for a one-off solution. Upon clicking on the Faceless.me VPN download, you stand to enjoy protocols such as PTPP, and OpenVPN. The data encryption that the company uses is 1024bit RSA. To bolster your privacy and security online, Faceless.me confirms that it does not keep any logging activity.


Support Services

There is an FAQ area where almost every other question is answered. The support team can receive a ticket, email or even chat. Irrespective of your question or region, you can expect to get a reply within a few minutes and at most a few hours after contacting the support team. When signing in or when navigating the site, you should ask any question that you have preferably in the ticket area in the FAQ page.


How to get an account?

Once you reach the sign-up area, you will be required to submit your personal details. You will then be allocated an account and if you are a premium customer, you will have the option of changing the server. You will then be required to download the secure VPN software that the company offers for free. No matter the gadget you are using, you will enjoy the free download as well as the customer service offered by the support team.


Platforms to use when accessing Faceless.me

You have easy access to all the major operating systems such as Windows, Linux, iPhone, and Android. Furthermore, there is download Faceless.me VPN for Mac as well as Smartphone compatible app download of the iPhone and Android devices. If you download the app to your phone, you automatically become eligible to receive 100MB of free data which is valid for a month.



The first big plus is the Free Plan that the company offers. The other advantage that this SSL VPN service provider passes on to you is the high-speed mobile connectivity. The support team is also fast and effective in what it does. However, there are not many payment options for customers to choose from. Otherwise, this is one of the most reliable VPN service providers in the industry. 

Update: 03/07/2016