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IPSec, IES-128 and AES-256
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No ads; Unlimited bandwidth; Full respect for your privacy; Cancel at any time
Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS

The F-Secure company was established in 1988. Headquarter of the company is located in Helsinki, Finland. The company prides itself on being a leader at offering antivirus services to more than 25 million users globally. The company established a branch to cater for the VPN customers. F-Secure Freedome has been around for several years now. Given the reputation of the mother company which has over the years managed to establish offices in 25 countries, it can be assumed that it is going to be one of the best VPN service providers in the industry.

F-Secure Freedome is a virtual private network which seeks to offer the best internet security services. By subscribing to the service, you will be able to keep off phishing, snooping and censoring websites and people. You will also have a unique chance to shield your IP address from sniffers. The services offered by this company are very well designed for businesses or individuals who wish to protect more than one device.


The packages on offer

The company has a range of three plans which are designed to appeal to different people depending on what they can afford and the features they want to enjoy.

  • Free TrialWell, this doesn’t really qualify to be called any plan. However, it is the perfect opportunity you have to learn what the company has to offer. In this section, you will watch a video and get to explore the services. You will enjoy the free service for 14 days. Moreover, every paying customer gets a 30-day money back warranty if unsatisfied with the service.
  • 1 device planFor a long time, this plan had been available, but currently it seems the company has pulled it off the market. Whether it will be returned or not is unclear. In this plan, you will be charged $39.90 per year. You will only be able to connect to one device.
  • Up to 3 devices planThis is a one year plan whereby you will pay $49.90 if you are looking to use between one and three devices.
  • Up to 5 devices planIn this plan, you will pay $59.90 per year. On average, the price per device per year comes to approximately $1 per month.
  • Up to 7 devices planThis plan will cost you $79.90. It is very economical if you are looking forward to connecting 7 devices since the monthly charge for each gadget will come to around $1 per month.


Where are the company’s servers located?

There are 19 locations where you will find F-Secure Freedome servers. Some of these locations include Tokyo, Oslo, Copenhagen, Toronto, Warsaw, Hong Kong, Brussels, and Singapore. In total, Freedome has 27 servers distributed as follows; 13 in Europe, 8 in North America and the rest are in Asia and Australia. It is important to note that while all the servers are designed to offer the customers the best services, those stationed in the UK, Netherlands and Singapore automatically reject any use of Bittorrent.


What features stand out at Freedome

  • Safety in surfing – When surfing the internet, you are prone to encountering hackers and phishing companies. However, this happens when you are not using any reliable VPN service. With F-Secure.com, you will enjoy being protected from phishing websites and malicious malware.
  • Unblock content – With the F-Secure service, you start enjoying a life where ‘sorry, we don’t offer services in your country’ message gets a thing of the past. You will start enjoying a unique IP address which tricks blocked websites into believing that you are in the ‘right’ country.
  • Enhanced privacy – Online privacy is enhanced by F-Secure because government agencies can’t tell what you are doing online. This means that websites won’t bother you with unsolicited marketing emails. Moreover, even your internet provider won’t be able to tell what you are doing online.
  • Solid encryption – Often times, you will find yourself surfing using public Wi-Fi. This increases chances of you getting hacked into. In order to prevent such from happening, F-Secure SSL VPN service is designed to encrypt all data using 2048-bit RSA.


The Safety and Privacy Precautions

This private VPN service provider prides itself as being one of the very best in the industry, especially where customer privacy and security is concerned. It encrypts all data using a 2048-bit RSA. In addition to this, the company doesn’t keep any logs. This makes it not liable to law agencies since it doesn’t have the logs which the agencies would need to locate your whereabouts. The company is not liable under the EU Data Retention Laws. When it comes to data authentication, you have the option of using IPSec, IES-128, and AES-256. The site also offers IPv6 IP security feature. Unfortunately, the widely accepted OpenVPN is not available.


How is the support team like?

The customer service that F-Secure VPN offers is not the best in the industry. For you to reach the support team, you have to go through a paywall which means that you have to purchase the most expensive plan. For the customers who don’t need the expensive plan or just can’t afford, they are treated to searching for answers in the community forums and knowledge base. Fortunately, there is reasonable information on these platforms.


To get an account at F-Secure

Getting an account here is pretty easy. All you have to do is enter your personal details and subsequently go for the F-Secure.com VPN software download which is compatible with any device you might be having. The 14-days trial, however, makes the whole process worthwhile.



You can enjoy F-Secure VPN download for Windows, Android, iOS and Kindle Fire. Unfortunately, Linux customers are not offered an option. You can only enjoy the VPN services if your platform is featured, which means that you cannot connect manually to a third party app.



F-Secure Freedome is one of the most reliable VPN service providers in the industries. It offers high-speed connectivity. The other advantage that you stand to reap here is the fact that the company is well known in the antivirus industry, hence securing your data and privacy comes without saying. The downside about this VPN is that technical information such as protocols used is impossible to get. The pricing is also a tad expensive than competition not forgetting that the customer service team is behind a paywall.

Update: 03/07/2016