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99.9% uptime; Unlimited bandwidth; Unlimited server switches; Unlimited speed, 1 computer and 1 mobile device simultaneous connection; 24/7 Customer Live Chat or email Support
Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

There is a huge demand for a secure and reliable VPN service in the world now than ever. The use of internet is now boosted by the popularity of VPN services. Nowadays, no one accessing the internet wants to reveal his or her identity online. With problems like online data thefts, stealing of bank details and sensitive information, stalking of ex-husbands and wives and so on happening very regularly through online, it is always better to stay safe and secure whenever you get online. This problem is solved by VPN services to a great extent. There are many fast, reliable and good VPN service providers you can come across these days. One of the best VPN service providers online is ExpressVPN.com. It is based on the Virginia Islands and has been in service since 2009. The company was started by Ben Newman with secure VPN software for Windows and Mac OS. It has now expanded its services to other devices like Android, iOS, etc. You can make use of this service to access online websites from any of the 100+ server locations that is offered in 78 countries all over the globe. With features like easy and instant set up, ultra speed connectivity, 30 day money back guarantee, excellent customer service, it is in huge demand.


Tariffs and pricing

Firstly, ExpressVPN.com offers a 30 day risk free money back guarantee. You get enough and more time to make full use of the service and see if its features suit your need. There are three plans on offer. All these plans will be offered with 24x7 customer support, free ExpressVPN.com apps and ultra fast unlimited bandwidth.

  • One month plan

You will be billed at $12.95 a month. You will get free access to servers in 78 countries, high quality encryption and security, all device apps and many more.

  • Yearly plan

This is a premium plan to offer for $8.32 a month. It will be billed at $99.95 every year. You will enjoy a huge savings of 35% when you choose this plan. All the features of this service can be used when you opt this yearly plan. 

  • Six month plan

You will be able to avail this plan by paying $59.95 every 6 months. This approximately comes around $9.99 a month.

You can make payments using credit/debit cards, PayPal and Bitcoin to make use of any of the plans of this private VPN service.


Info about servers

Download ExpressVPN software for your respective device and you can make use of any of the 100 servers located in 78 countries. It is spread far and wide and encompasses North and South America, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East.



You can find some of the best features on offer when you choose ExpressVPN.com.

  • Unlimited server switching and bandwidth

There will be no hidden charges you need to pay for making use of the unlimited server switches and bandwidth usage. You will never have any hindrances when watching full length movies through popular streaming services.  

  • 30 day money back guarantee

No other VPN other than ExpressVPN.com offers a full month money back guarantee with impeccable features. This means that the company is pretty confident that no customer would be cancelling their subscription.

  • Two simultaneous device connections

You can connect one mobile and one desktop device when you opt for any of the VPN plans on offer. So, one device can be used for entertainment purposes and the other for work purpose.

  • Referral program

Refer a friend and take advantage of the referral program offers. You can be eligible for a one month free service when you refer a friend and get him to download ExpressVPN for Mac or other devices on his computer.

  • No data logging

There is no point in increasing your online security and privacy if your data is compromised to government authorities. You need not have any such worries about ExpressVPN software as no data logs are maintained.


Security and privacy

ExpressVPN.com is an SSL VPN service that offers 256-bit encryption that supports multiple protocols like OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP and SSTP. It ensures 100% online security and privacy whenever you access websites through any of your devices.


Support service

You can get an instant response when you make use of live chat support service. You can also get your doubts clarified through email support. There is also a contact form that you can make use of to get any help about the service. You will get response to your order form query within a few hours. There are also troubleshooting guides and tools on offer in the support page of the website.


Client account

Setting up an account is not cumbersome. You can open a new account in three simple steps. First opt for the right plan for your online privacy needs and then enter your email address. Click on the link that is sent to your email address to activate your account and to make payment using credit or debit cards, PayPal or Bitcoin payment. You will get access to ExpressVPN software download option. Click it and download the software and start surfing the web.



You can download the ExpressVPN for Mac software to access the service through Mac computers. Download ExpressVPN for Windows to use the service on Windows PCs. You can also download the respective apps for iOS and Android devices.



The ExpressVPN.com is no doubt a reliable service. It does not keep track of your logs. This service offers a host of features for its users like unlimited bandwidth, 100+servers, fast and quick connectivity and internet speeds, 24x7 customer support and supports all types of devices. This explains its popularity. The minor drawbacks of this service are: different log in codes needed for different devices and higher pricing.  The plans are not cheap when compared to others. But, they offer plenty of features and excellent customer support to justify the pricing.

ExpressVPN - best VPN for you

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December 12/2015
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December 11/2015
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Update: 08/06/2016