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Unlimited Data; Unlimited Switches; Multiple Devices; Choosing IP; Money Back Guarantee
Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS

Are you worried that you are not able to browse the internet with confidence? Do you want to carry out online activities like instant messaging, blogging, e-mailing without revealing your identity as well as your exact location. If this is the case, then, you will need to make use of a reliable VPN service. This kind of service will encrypt all the traffic from your computer to its secure server so that your ISP and other snooping agencies will not have any details as to what sites you are accessing online. A good VPN service will not just encrypt your traffic, but will allow you to change your IP address and location. This becomes even more difficult for anyone to access your online activity.

One of the best VPN service providers that will instantly hide your IP address and keep your information secure at any place is the Easy-Hide-IP. This service not only offers you the option to change your server, but also gives you the freedom to choose an IP address of that country. The major advantages of this service are affordable plans, wide network of servers, 7 days full refund, unlimited data and switching and top quality customer support.


Tariffs and prices

There are 3 plans on offer from Easy-Hide-IP VPN. You can choose any plan that you like depending on your budget and requirements of the VPN.

•    1 month plan
This is a recurring subscription VPN plan. You will be charged $5.95 every month.

•    6 month plan
If you spend about 10 -12 hours on the internet everyday then you can stay safe online with this affordable 6 month plan. You will be billed onetime payment of $ 27 every 6 months. Your monthly payment would come down to $4.50.

•    12 month plan
If you stay online every minute, then the 12 month plan is the most viable option for you. You need to pay a onetime payment of $47.40 every year and this comes to roughly $3.95 a month.

The features that you enjoy when you download Easy-Hide-IP VPN software by opting for any of these plans is: unlimited email support and data, all server access, IP address choice and 3 day money back guarantee. You have the option to cancel the monthly plan at any time.


Info on servers

This private VPN service gives you the freedom to access over 50 servers located in 17 countries all over the world. You have the liberty to switch to any server of your choice and from any country and at any time. Some of the popular countries where Easy-Hide-IP servers are located are: Brazil, Japan, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, the UK, the US, etc.



As soon as you download Easy-Hide-IP VPN for Windows or to any other compatible devices, you will automatically be enjoying secure internet activity through the wide network of servers. The attractive features offered are:

•    Unlimited server switching
There is no restriction on the number of times you can connect or reconnect with the different servers on offer. There is no way this VPN service will double the high activity users. There will also be no speed restrictions on any of the servers you are using to access the internet.

•    Unlimited data and bandwidth
There are no restrictions imposed by this service as far data and bandwidth are concerned. No matter you opt for the basic plan or the yearly plan, you enjoy unlimited data access. You have the option to download any content you need from the internet.

•    Choosing IP address
When you make use of Easy-Hide-IP VPN client for windows, you get the option to not only to choose the server country, but also the IP address you like. You can use the same IP address regularly to prevent suspicion by third parties.

•    Money back guarantee
If you are not happy with the service offered by this VPN, you can cancel your subscription within the first 7 days of your purchase. By doing so, you will be eligible for a full refund. Many users find this a convenient feature as they will be able to decide whether to continue using the VPN service.

•    Online TV access
With the freedom to choose any server at any location, you will be able to access all kinds of online content without any restrictions or censorships. You will be able to watch Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, etc., by changing your server to locate from where these feeds are uploaded.


Security and privacy

This service offers decent privacy policy and will collect the geographic location, e-mail address and other relevant information to customer surveys to offer you a better service. This VPN supports PPTP, OpenVPN and UDP safety protocols. It offers a maximum of 128-bit of data encryption. The UDP safety protocol offers great speed and is an ideal option to choose when streaming movies or playing video games. You can make use of 1,000 IP addresses spread over 60 servers to connect online. 


Support service

There is a detailed device set up information offered on the support page for all kinds of devices and operating systems. If you have any problems to connect with the service you can check the FAQ page to get answers to your problem. There is also an e-mail support option on offer where you can key in your message and the support team will revert back as soon as possible.


Client account

Click on the purchase option from the home page to create your Easy-Hide-IP account. You will need to provide an email address, username and password to create the account.



The VPN works on all modern day operating systems and mobile devices. There is a download software for Windows and it offers detailed setup for other devices like Linux, Mac OS, Android and iOS.



There is stellar and secure VPN software for windows offered by this service. The negatives include privacy concerns, lower speeds and very few payment options. You can try out the free 3 day trial to see if this service suits your VPN needs.


Update: 08/06/2016