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Unlimited/Instant server switch; Free 100MB everyday for free users

There are many people who are accessing the internet using smart phones these days. You can now send emails, carry out bank account transactions, log into the Facebook account, watch live TV when you are away from home through the phones and other handheld devices. It has become very easy for users to access online content from many public Wi-Fi hotspots. But, do you know that the data that you send and receive through the Wi-Fi networks can easily be sniffed by any hacker or online fraudster? If you want to always enjoy online freedom and privacy then you need to make use of the best VPN service providers on the internet.

If you are using your Android tablet or Smartphone to access anything on the internet, then you must have DroidVPN software installed on your device. As the name suggests, this VPN is designed keeping Android devices in mind. The major advantages that are on offer when you download the secure VPN software on your Android phones are cost saving subscription plans, all data security and encryption, online anonymity, ease of use, ad blocking, unrestricted speed and server switching etc.


Tariffs and prices

The DroidVPN offers you free trial version that has certain limitations. You can only make use of free service located in the Netherlands and United States. The free VPN trial plan is free lifelong, but your usage will be limited to just 100MB a day. There is just one plan on offer for people who do not want to use the free trial version.

•    Unlimited VPN plan
To avail this plan on your Android device you need to pay $4.99 every month to this private VPN service provider. There is no bandwidth gap and restriction on features and options when you use this premium plan. This reliable VPN service also offers a 7 day refund policy with a catch. The data usage for these 7 days must be limited to only 50 MB per day.


Server info

The Android users of this good VPN service will get access the secure VPN servers located in seven countries namely: United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Canada, Panama, the Netherlands and the United States. The members who opt for premium plans will only get access all these servers.



The DroidVPN is designed to offer stable and uninterrupted VPN service for Android users. It is offered with attractive features to ensure complete online privacy. Some of the important features are as follows.

•    Ease of use
You do not need to be a techie to use the DroidVPN on your phone. The app is designed in such a way that even novices can instantly connect to the VPN servers. Only a tap is needed to become secure online.

•    Unblocking websites
There are many countries that block certain websites and streaming services in their region. If you want to access the censored websites and be clear of geo restrictions, then DroidVPN have the facilities to allow you to check out the sites without being traced.

•    Wi-Fi security
Wi-Fi hotspots are a dangerous place to access internet using a device. With this VPN you can be secure of your web browsing sessions from any public Wi-Fi hotspots as the to and fro communications always passes through an encrypted tunnel.

•    Data security
With the amount of online hacking there is always a threat for your valuable data whenever you get online. With the DroidVPN software download on your Android all your data like passwords, online bank transactions, emails, financial transactions and instant messages are secured and encrypted.

•    Online anonymity
This VPN will hide your real IP address as soon as you go online you can conduct all your online activities without being traced and with a shared IP address.

The other salient features are:

  • Unlimited and instant server switching.
  • Blocks ads and hence you can enjoy faster browsing experience.
  • It works effectively with GPRS and Wi-Fi.
  • Prevents ISP and government agencies from checking your activities online.


Safety and privacy

This VPN offers you complete data protection as it makes use of its own VPN protocol. All the traffic is tunneled through UDP. The app also offers an additional feature to tunnel your data through ICMP and this feature is offered only for routed Android devices. It makes use of open VPN encryption protocol to offer you online privacy. The service does not record, store or monitor the logs of its VPN customers. It will, however, maintain records of the date, time and location of the VPN connection, the duration and the bandwidth used.


Support service

There is a knowledge base section offered on the DroidVPN website to get answers to your common troubleshooting problems. If you are stranded or have some problems using the VPN, you have the option to send emails to the customer support agent. The service makes sure that you get prompt replies to your email as quickly as possible. There is no live support on offer for customers and this is a letdown for the users.


Client account

Visit the sign up page to open a free VPN trial account. You will be asked to enter your email address and a captcha code to sign up for the account. You will be sent password to your email address to carry out the free trial account set up. Use the password in the login page along with your email address to start accessing the free trial.



As this is a VPN app specially designed for Android users, it will only work for people using Android smart phones and tablets. You can visit the DroidVPN software download page to download the app.



DroidVPN is one of the best VPN apps that you will come across for the Android platform. It helps you to stay anonymous online with just one tap. If you want to enjoy the maximum out of the app, then shift to premium plan start DroidVPN download to enjoy all the features.

Update: 08/06/2016