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OpenVPN and L2TP
Key Features:
Access more internet contents; Anonymous searching; Wi-Fi hotspot protection; Identity security; Data safety
Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

Browsing the internet these days put your sensitive private information at risk. Your IP address is easily accessible by tracking software, malware and internet hackers and fraudsters. There are tons of invisible tracker companies looking to collect your personal details and your browsing habits in order to create your profile. This information is made use by hackers and fraudsters to carry out fraudulent activities in your name on the internet. In order to protect your identity from trackers and fraudsters online you need to make use of secure VPN software on your computer. You can get the software for your device from reliable VPN service that offers 100% online protection and security. One such company is the Disconnect founded in 2011.

Disconnect started as a multi-platform privacy app that gives the user details on what and who are tracking them. It is now offered with a new Disconnect VPN software that encrypts your internet traffic and routes it through its servers. You can use this service for faster and safer internet connectivity, bandwidth saving and extended battery life as it will block the tracking requests from getting connected to your devices. The advantages of using this service are malware and tracker blocking, private web searching, visual tracking, unblock internet censorship, prevent identity theft, etc. The service does not seek any personal information from you and hence your online privacy is completely protected.


Tariffs and prices

There are 3 plans on offer from this service. They are basic, pro and premium. The premium package is the one where you can enjoy the best VPN service. The basic offers you protection for your web browser as it offers private searching and block trackers. It is completely free of charge. The pro package blocks malware and trackers for all your devices. You pay $40 as a onetime fee to enjoy this plan. 

•    Premium plan
This plan offers you professional privacy and performance and will mask your location through its VPN. The Wi-Fi will be secured through this plan. You will be billed $50 every year to use the premium package. It is only offered for three devices.


Server info

The users who sign up for the premium protection plan will be able to choose the VPN service. This private VPN service has its servers located in USA, Germany, Japan, and Ireland.



The following are the features that offered when you use Disconnect VPN download on your internet accessing device.

•    Data safety
There are thousands of government agencies and companies that invisibly track your online activities without your knowledge. You can make use of this good VPN service tool to protect your data whenever you are online. It will mask your IP address and thereby your sensitive data cannot be tracked by any trackers.

•    Identity security
With the Disconnect VPN software download, you get access to its high-end VPN technology. The software will encrypt your internet connection between your device and the server so that no third party has access to what you send or receive over the internet. 

•    Wi-Fi hotspot protection
If you have the habit of accessing the internet from the public Wi-Fi hotspots like restaurants, airports, colleges, offices, government agencies, etc., then there is every chance for your private information to reach the online eavesdroppers. With this VPN service your internet connection is masked and hence you are safe from public Wi-Fi hackers.

•    Access more internet contents
Your IP address will be masked by this VPN service. You can now access content through the VPN server as if you are accessing from a different country. This gives you the freedom to access any of the blocked websites in your country without anyone knowing about your activities.

•    Anonymous searching
When you make use of Disconnect VPN service all searches you do on your system goes through the VPN servers. This makes sure that your IP address is hidden from the search engine. Hence, your IP address queried items and the date and time of the query will not be transmitted by the search engine to the requested webpage.


Security and privacy

This is a US based company and hence would abide by the US regulations. The original Disconnect browser extension was an open source one and this gives you the option to check what the program is doing. The Android, iOS and desktop apps are not yet open source. It does not keep any logs of your traffic or your IP address. But, it does maintain your connection logs and hence your log connection time, the bytes used and the disconnection time will be recorded. The 256-bit AES encryption, OpenVPN security protocol is offered for users of Windows and Mac OS and Android devices. The iOS devices enjoys security through IKEv2 (IPSec) encryption. It is a secure SSL VPN service.


Support service

The website of Disconnect offers you details of the services and products on offer. There is a decent FAQ on offer only for the browser extension service. For the privacy part, you can get in touch with the customer support team through email. You will get a response to your email questions within 24 hours.


Client account

You can sign up for the premium plan either through website or the mobile and desktop app. Only credit card payments are offered. Click on go premium option to enter your credit card details and email address. To use an account on your devices, you will get a code that you enter on that device to upgrade to a premium account.



The Disconnect VPN client for desktops is offered for Windows and Mac OS X. The mobile app can be used on devices for Android 4.0 and higher and on iOS 7.0+.



The main benefits of the Disconnect VPN services are: no usage logs, anonymous searching, guard against tracking, 3 simultaneous connections, very cheap premium plan, visual tracking and decent mobile apps. Its minor flaws include: limited choice of VPN server locations, no P2P support and poor technical support. This service offers fast and cheap VPN connectivity apart from offering anti-malvertizing and anti-tracking support. It is a decent VPN to try out for first time users.


Update: 08/06/2016