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OpenVPN and PPTP
Key Features:
Unlimited access worldwide; Datacentre oversight 24/7; No secret tech, No closed code; Protect your IP from leaks; DeepDNS system; Anti-leak protection; High network speed; Strong global footprint
Windows, Mac, Linux and Android

Online security is a matter of concern for every internet user. This is why you see a lot of VPN services mushrooming online to offer the best VPN service for their clients. One such company that has come out into the demanding VPN industry in 2014 is the CryptoStorm. It is a network token based authentication company and is a new revolution for paying for and authenticating VPN sessions to clients. This company is a reincarnation of the CryptoCloud VPN services and is based in Quebec, Canada. There are quite a lot of new ideas and fresh thinking put into the new company in terms of structural billing, token based system, etc. This is one of the many private VPN service providers that accept crypto currencies like Bitcoin for payment and many users love paying anonymously on the internet.

Some of the major advantages that you  enjoy  when  you make use of the services of this good VPN service are: bare-metal servers, 24x7 data center monitoring, transparent security, token based authentication to access network, de-centralized organization, unlimited network access, deepDNS system and anti-leak protection. What makes this a reliable VPN service is that it practices what it preaches and keeps its job very simple.


Tariffs and prices

This VPN service offers just one plan with a wide variety of payment options. It also offers a free trial option with a cap. The cap is that you will only enjoy 160 kbps down and 130 kbps upload stream. There is no limit on the usage though. The basic plan is split according to the payment options as follows:

•    Credit card payment 
There are 3 payment options you have when you choose to make payment by credit cards. If you want to enjoy this service for a week, then you need to pay $1. If you want the monthly payment option, then you will be deducted $4 every month from your credit card account and the yearly plan will be billed at $52.

•    PayPal payment
If you opt for PayPal payment option, then there is a wide range of plans on offer like: $1.86 for a week, $6 for a month, $16 for 3 months, $28 for 6 months plan, $523 for a year and $94 for 2 years.

•    Bitcoin payments
If you like to keep your identity anonymous when opting for this VPN service, then you can make Bitcoin payments. The plans offered here are: $3.86 for a month, $13 for 3 months, $23 for 6 months, $47 for a year and $87 for 2 years.


Server info

The service offers servers only in Iceland and Quebec. It has exited nodes in places like the UK, US, Panama, Ukraine, Switzerland and Czech Republic.



The following are the features that you get when you download the secure VPN software for Windows.

•    DeepDNS system
The CryptoStorm service offers top quality security that is hard to match by any other VPNs. The DNSchain is foolproof against censorships and is block chain based to offer you the best DNS encryption. You need not worry about anyone tracking your activity online anymore.

•    High network speed
You will enjoy great network speeds whenever you access websites online. The speed this service offers is about 50 megabit/second every session. You need not worry about lags or slow down when streaming movies or playing games on your computer.

•    Anti-leak protection
You enjoy 100% protection every time you go online, thanks to the very active and intensive protection offered by this service. The mayhem that IP6 creates is a thing of the past with high quality anti-leak protection. Your DNS and webRTC IP leaks are completely protected by downloading CryptoStorm VPN software on your Windows computer.

•    Strong global footprint
You will enjoy unlimited access to many servers worldwide as it takes care of redundant exit node clusters. You will not experience any downtime when using this secure service. In case of any slowness, the self healing balancers feature will help you to get connected to other server to maintain speed.


Security and privacy

Top security and privacy are the USP of CryptoStorm. The most popular technology used by this service to offer online encryption is OpenVPN that offers 245-bit AES CBC data encryption, SHA-512 hash authentication and RSA 2048-bit asymmetric key authentication. All of the codes of this service are open based. It promises to offer great security and does not keep logs of its customer’s activities. It is also a token based subscription service.


Support service

With CryptoStorm VPN software download on your system, you can make use of the various forums like Twitter, e-mail and forum page to get answers to all your questions regarding the service. The website is ugly looking and very complicated to understand for the common VPN user. It is a very friendly website for technical big wigs.


Client account

You need to click on the ‘join now’ option to get to the plans and pricing page. You can choose any of the payment methods like PayPal or Bitcoins to make payment for your chosen plan. Bitcoin payments are processed on browsers. The other payments are processed manually and through tokens offered by third party vendors.



If you are a Windows user, then all you need is to download CryptoStorm VPN for Windows, install it and run on your system. You can instantly start to use the VPN service and be secure and safe online. You will not find any option to choose the server you would like to connect through. There are forum guides on offer on the website that will give you setup details and guides on using the service on Mac OS X, Linux, Ubuntu, openSUSE, Android and DD-WRT routers.



The best feature offered by this service is of course the token based authentication. The positives on offer are: top notch security encryption, Bitcoin payments, free trial option and token based payments. The flaws are: high tech website, poor performance and a deficit of a wide network of servers. If the service offers user friendly documentation and better performance soon, then CryptoStorm can turn out to be a desired VPN in the future.


Update: 08/06/2016