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It is becoming a really difficult task to stay away from the prying eyes on the internet. The World Wide Web is flooded with malicious attackers, intern fraudsters, data thieves, snooping agencies, etc. It is impossible to avoid tracking online without any external help like a reliable VPN network does. The threat of losing your identity and sensitive information is highly possible and to prevent this from happening you need to lean towards a reliable VPN service. It is very important that you choose the best VPN service provider in the business if you always rely on the internet for all your activities. No matter you are watching videos or playing games online or just checking out your mails, online hacking can happen to you any time. Hence, opting for a good VPN service is the best way to ensure security and privacy whenever you get on the web.

One such service that offers you great anonymity online is CloakVPN. In fact, the service offers some of the best features and hands down support for a variety of Apple gear. It was mainly conceived for Apple devices, but does a fair bit for other devices as well. The major advantages of this service are: 30 days free trial, free CloakVPN software forApple devices, one account for multiple devices, prevents eavesdropping, 128-bit blowfish OpenVPN encryption, etc.


Tariffs and prices

The CloakVPN is a private VPN service that offers you three simple and non-complicated plans to meet your anonymity needs. You have the liberty to cancel the subscription for any of the plans within the first 30 days of activation and you will get your money refunded. The plans are:

•    Mini plan
This is the basic plan on offer from this VPN service. It is billed at $2.99 a month. You are offered with 5 GB of free data every month and it is an ideal option for anyone browsing the web casually.

•    Unlimited plan
This is another monthly plan and here you get unlimited data and bandwidth to use. This plan is priced at $9.99 per month. You are billed every month. It offers you secure online anonymity and round the clock safety. It is ideal for businessmen and people who travel most of the time.

•    Yearly plan
This is the best plan on offer for people who are accessing the web 24 hours a day. You will be billed $99.99 every year to use this plan. You enjoy all the security and privacy the service offers with unlimited bandwidth. You make huge annual savings when you opt for this plan.

There are also weekly passes on offer for users who are on short trips or travelers.

•    Week pass
You can enjoy unlimited data when you are on a short trip for a week. You will be billed $3.99 for every week pass.

•    Month pass
If you have a month long trip, then you can activate the month pass on your mobile to enjoy unlimited bandwidth and internet access synonymously. You will be billed $9.99 to use this pass.

•    Year pass
If you want to make huge annual savings and enjoy unlimited data for a year, you can make use of the year pass. You will have to pay $99.99 and enjoy this service for one full year. 


Server information

At present, the CloakVPN has its servers located in 8 different countries. It has its data centers all over the world. Some of the countries where its servers are located include: Australia, France, Canada, the United Kingdom, the USA, Germany and the Netherlands.



The following are some of the impressive features offered when you download the secure VPN software from CloakVPN. 

•    Security from un-trusted networks
This VPN is specifically designed to protect you from all kinds of threats that you are bound to face online. The threats are even more when you are making use of public and un-trusted networks. With this service in place, you need not worry about tracking, injection, eavesdropping and side jacking threats.

•    Cloak transporter
With the secure CloakVPN download, youcan not only access the websites anonymously, but also look like you are browsing from another country. The Cloak Transporter feature gives you the option to access certain websites to seem as if you are accessing them from their country of origin. 

•    Auto picks best server
This service will automatically pick the best server for you every time you connect to the internet. It has a dynamic server network and will spin up and shut down depending on the load it gets throughout the day.


Security and privacy

With CloakVPN for Mac, you can be sure of enjoying great online encryption as it uses OpenVPN. If you did download CloakVPN for Mac OS X, then the OverCloak feature will make use of your system’s firewall to block all the unsafe outbound traffic. The default cipher setting for OpenVPN is 128-bit blowfish encryption. Forward secrecy is maintained through DHE key exchanges. The Mac and the iOS app use RSA/X.509 for server authentication.


Support service

There is a broad knowledge base on offer for users that has information about billing, troubleshooting and installations. If you need further assistance, you can make use of the email based support and you will get a response for your queries within a day or two.


Client account

Signing up for a new CloakVPN account is easy. Visit the plan page on the website and click on the select option under the chosen plan. You will be asked to enter your email address and password to sign up for the account. Make the payment for the plan and you are set to use the software on your device.



The CloakVPN is specially designed for Apple devices and hence it can be used on Mac laptops, desktops, iPads, iPhones and iPods.



The CloakVPN does a fair job of offering online security and privacy for Apple device users. It offers a very good Wi-Fi manager feature and you can be safe from un-trusted networks in public places. This service is an apt one for Apple device fanatics.


Update: 08/06/2016