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Mobile security; Secure network; Next generation firewall; Offer tailor fit packages; 30-day money back guarantee
Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

The internet was never completely safe, but people didn’t worry about their online security as much in the past simply because hackers used to target only large business firms. Today there are millions of people who are great at using the internet and at programming. They are constantly targeting individual internet users in an attempt to get a hold of private account information so they can steal money. Some hackers will even steal your private photos right off your phone to either use it for identity theft or so they can bribe you. Businesses are also even more at risk now than they have ever been before because they are constantly receiving attacks from all over the world when hackers are trying to get a hold of private client and business information. A good VPN service like Check Point is a must for anyone who wants to be completely safe when they use the internet. Check Point’s reliable VPN services will ensure that you are as safe as possible when you use the internet because they have the best endpoint security and provide you with a next generation firewall that will keep you safe at all times. They are the perfect solution for businesses and large organizations or even home offices who want to ensure that all of their confidential information stays one hundred percent secure.


Tariffs and prices of Check Point

Check Point is one of the best VPN services for small, medium and large businesses as well as any type of organization. They offer various different products and solutions for their clients, but the prices are constantly changing in order to accommodate their large client base better and to be able to provide them with custom made packages that suit each unique company. If you are interested in the Check Point VPN software then you will have to contact the support team regarding their packages or perhaps explain the details of your business to them so they can provide you with an efficient quote. However, Check Point offers free trials for all of their solutions and you can also apply for 30-day money back guarantee should you be unsatisfied with some of their services.


Info on Servers for Check Point

The secure VPN software is available for anyone across the globe and provides all of their VPN clients with the best possible online security. Because Check Point has their focus on security and not on internet freedom and the ability to bypass firewalls like most VPN service providers do, they are a bit unclear on their server locations and information.


Functions of Check Point

Check Point serves corporations, which is why they have a huge variety of products and solutions available. They offer the following products:

Next generation threat prevention – Their security software prevents all threats to companies that come in forms of hacking, viruses, information leaks and much more and they provide it at a fraction of the cost of multi-vendor security companies.

Mobile security – Check Point protects your company’s mobile connections by preventing hacking, viruses and by blocking out more than 27 million strains of malware so you can save on data. All of your mobile documentation will also be completely secure.

Endpoint security – Check Point creates a secure network so you can share and store all of your confidential data. Your valuable information will be safe from leaks and from hackers when it is saved on your laptop, hard drive or computer and when you share it with employees.

Next generation firewall – A next generation firewall provides you with greater network security at a much lower cost so small businesses and home offices can also be completely safe from online threats.

Security management – It can be tough to manage your security consistently, but with Check Point, all of your security management is done for you through their fantastic software platforms.

With all of these products the secure VPN software is perfect for the following companies and organizations:

  • Retail / Point of Sale business.
  • Financial services such as ATM.
  • Critical infrastructures.
  • Public and Private cloud security.
  • Healthcare organizations.
  • Service Providers.
  • Governments.


Security and Privacy

Check Point uses next generation threat prevention software and a next generation firewall to create secure network tunnels so your VPN client information will be completely safe no matter which websites your company or organization visits and no matter how many of your employees are using the network. They also offer fantastic mobile security so all of your online conversations and emails will be completely protected from hacking through encoding software.


Support service provided by Check Point

Check Point has the best customer support possible. They allow you to open a service request and review your service requests whenever you like. You can also get instant assistance from expert technicians through their live chat section or you can contact them directly on their landlines. You can also submit discussion forums or report a security issue directly online.

January 12/2016
The network security company Check Point has unveiled a latest technology called zero-day protection, which is designed to make the endpoint devices in the enterprises secure, irrespective of their location. The new product, called the Sandblast comes with remote sandbox and has... Read more
Update: 28/10/2016