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OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec, SSTP and PPTP
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No logs; Unlimited bandwidth; Private information security; Smart DNS
Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the technology that will offer a secure network connection over the internet or on a private network owned by any service provider. With the kind of hacking news and cyber threats that are in use every day, government agencies and educational institutions are looking to use the best VPN service to enable their users to securely connect to their network. Nowadays, even individuals who are accessing the internet are worried about cyber insecurity and hence are looking to access the internet through a reliable VPN service. If you are also looking to stay anonymous online when checking out mails, watching movies, playing games, etc., then this article will introduce to one of the private VPN service providers on the net called CactusVPN.

This VPN is a new kid on the block and was launched only in early 2012. It is a small VPN provider based in Moldova and offers a host of features that matches up with the best in the industry. Some of the major advantages you get when you use this good VPN service are: high level of security and privacy, smart DNS services, wide device connectivity, excellent customer support, no logs and torrenting services.


Tariffs and pricing

There are monthly, quarterly and annual plan packages on offer from CactusVPN.

Monthly plans
•    US VPN
This plan is billed at $4.99 per month. You can make use of 4 servers in the US of your choice to access the internet anonymously.
•    VPN+ Smart DNS
This is a plan where you will be able to visit websites using a fake IP address through 16 servers in the US, UK, Netherlands and Romania. Apart from this you can also unblock US, UK and other media websites through SmartDNS service.

Quarterly plans 
•    US VPN
This plan is offered at $12.99 and you get to access 4 US servers. You will be billed once every 3 months and you will save $1.98 on every bill.
•    VPN+ Smart DNS
To avail this unique plan, you need to pay $17.99 that will be billed every quarter. You can access website through 16 servers. You can save 14% when compared with the monthly plan.

Annual plans
•    US VPN
This plan gives you the freedom to make use of 4 US servers to access the internet. You will be billed $38.99 every year to enjoy this service. You save 35% on your bills when compared to the monthly plan.
•    VPN+ Smart DNS
You get access all 16 servers of CactusVPN along with smart DNS support. You pay $ 54.99 annually to use this service. You will be making a saving of $28.89 every year.


Info on servers

Once you download the secure VPN software and opt for the high-end plans, you will be able to use all the 16 servers of the service located in 4 different countries of the world namely UK, the USA, Romania and the Netherlands.



With the CactusVPN software download you will be able to enjoy the following features offered by this VPN service.

•    Smart DNS
This VPN service offers you the option to access geo- restricted websites in your area without any speed loss. By using the smart DNS service you can watch all your favorite shows on Pandora, Hulu, Netflix, BBCiPlayer, etc. It will work on a wide variety of devices like desktops, Smart phones, tablets, smart TVs and game consoles. 

•    Private information security
This VPN creates a solid encryption tunnel and all your outgoing and incoming data will be 100% safe from the prying eyes of online hackers, government snoopers and your own ISP.

•    SEO help
With this VPN, you can carry out tests on your apps or sites as if you were in Europe or US. You can check out the position of your site in Google through its virtual residences feature.

•    No logs
This service does not maintain any of your private information and hence no information can be shared with government agencies.

•    Unlimited bandwidth
There is no restriction on the bandwidth and the time that you spend on this service. You can enjoy high speed internet connectivity through the 1Gbps service.


Security and privacy

The CactusVPN download on your computer ensures the best data encryption. There are 5VPN protocols that are used to encrypt your data. They are: SSTP, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN and SoftEther. There are no logs kept about what you do on the internet, but the service maintains 3 days of your connection logs for trouble shooting. This SSLVPN service does not accept Bitcoin payment and hence you cannot make an anonymous payment. You enjoy 256-bit AES encryption with 2048-bit key authentication for the OpenVPN connections. You enjoy 128-256 bit encryption on L2TP/IPSec connections and 256-bit SSL key encryption of SSTP connections.


Support service

The support page on the website offers you set up guides and FAQ area where all general VPN questions are answered. You can also use the “Open a Ticket” option to get answers to your questions through email.


Client account

Signing up for a CactusVPN account will just take a few seconds. You will be asked to enter your name and email address. If you move forward and make a purchase you will have to key in your billing details to complete the sign-up process. You can sign in to your account using an email address and password. It accepts a variety of payment forms like PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, etc.



If you have a Mac computer, you can download CactusVPN for Mac to surf the internet with fake IP address. It works on a lot of devices and operating systems like Windows OS, Ubuntu, Chromebook, Android devices, iOS devices, routers and Boxee Box.



The positives that CactusVPN offers are: auto proxy, blazing speed, no logs, affordable plans and P2P downloading. It offers great encryption and detailed setup guides. It lacks Bitcoin payment, but with many positives than quibbles, this VPN service offers an impressive set of features for anyone looking to stay anonymous online.


Update: 08/06/2016