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The present era has undergone a sea change in terms of technology and a whole fresh set of consumers who value their privacy and internet connections increasingly compared to anything else. People of the bygone era might find it weird but this is what communicating and socializing is all about present. Internet media is witnessing a mammoth popularity by the consumers and hence online presence has become the current buzz word among everyone irrespective of the age bracket. We all love spending time on the internet as everyone wants to be aware of what is happening around them and similarly, privacy is given utmost preference in terms of online activities. There are individuals known as hackers who are keen on knowing other’s private online activities so that it can be misused towards their benefit. Maintaining privacy and security has therefore turned into a prime concern amongst the internet media consumers which has led to the concept of VPN services. Buffered is one of the best and fastest growing VPN service providers who believe in innovating products in order to excel in their field.


Tariffs & Prices for Availing the Services

Buffered offers reasonable prices like most of the other service providers in the business, the only difference being the discounts increase the length of the subscription period. Therefore, if one intends to sign up for an extended time period, then he/she would be competent in saving a considerable amount of the budget. The packages include three diverse plans and all of them are known to entail the basic available characteristics. All the plans or packages are supposed to be quite reasonably priced and thus, makes the plans worth opting for and establishing it as a good VPN service.


The Noteworthy Features of Buffered VPN

Buffered is comparatively new in the business but boasts of certain features which make it a sought after name and one of the most reliable VPN service providers. Buffered has their servers in twenty eight different locations across the globe and constant efforts are being made for further development of its network. The users are even offered the advantage to ask for a location in case the required country is missing on the Buffered list. The company assures to take the request into serious consideration and, including the location on their list with time. The countries supported by Buffered are Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Canada, Iceland, France, India, Israel, Germany, Ireland, Korea, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Italy, Mexico, Russian Federati, Sweden, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Spain, Poland, Switzerland, Singapore, United States and Norway. Buffered facilitates evading local censorship along with services related to online streaming.


Functions that Stand Out

  • Discovery Feature: This particular function aids one to circumvent firewalls of protected Wi-Fi connections of particular companies or hotels. To be precise, this exclusive function will search for idle open ports in order to make use of them in the form of OpenVPN port so as to crack down the firewalls of the areas secured with passwords.
  • NAT Firewall: Buffered VPN has Network Address Translation which might not be a firewall in the technical sense, but acts as a protection layer amid the VPN servers and the internet and sifts all of the internet traffic. Thus, NAT functions as an efficient firewall by filtering as well as obstructing unnecessary and unsolicited incoming internet traffic.
  • Multiple Connections: This function relates to the amount of devices that can be connected with a VPN through a particular account. Most of the other VPN service providers offer the facility of connecting a computer along with a mobile device to the maximum. Buffered VPN offers the advantage of connecting at least five different devices to a single account which implies that numerous devices can be used with a single subscription at a time and that too without any kind of additional charges.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and High Speed: This function facilitates one with unlimited bandwidth which ensures streaming videos and downloading content at a great speed.
  • Quality Performance: One can experience extraordinary performance while streaming preferred channels and connecting to restricted websites through Buffered VPN. It frees one from constant buffering while streaming videos.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Buffered offers the facility of money back in case one is dissatisfied with its services and is valid for the initial 30 days which is quite some time to understand the services.


Aspect of Security & Privacy

Buffered VPN guarantees highest level of protection and security to its users or subscribers which can be attributed to the increasingly protected cryptographic algorithms. It offers 128 bit encryption so as to check its users from getting hacked by the cybercriminals as well as the surveillance agencies of the government. Buffered VPN is known to greatly support Open VPN as it is believed to be relatively safer in comparison to L2TP/IPsec and PPTP which makes it one of the most reliable VPN service providers.


Support Service

Buffered VPN, being a new player in the industry is yet to introduce the option of live chat on the website. However, it still encompasses a ‘5-star customer support’ by way of offering, strong structure of ticketing and responses delivered within twenty minutes to two hours.


Purchase Process

The purchase process for VPN client offered by Buffered is supposed to be quite efficient with regard to the sign up procedure as the VPN software download along followed by running on one’s machine gets completed in less than even twenty minutes.



The services of Buffered VPN are offered for various systems, for instance Mac, Android and iOS devices, Windows as well as Linux. The website provides a tutorial service which offers a step-by-step guide for each mentioned device and system. Once the VPN download is done, one can click on the desired country’s flag in order to kick start the services.



Buffered VPN has been successful enough in positioning itself strongly in the business by way of offering unique functions aimed at pleasing the consumers. It can be well inferred from the above made discussion that Buffered VPN inspite of being a new player is capable of competing with the other service providers. 

Update: 08/06/2016