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OpenVPN and PPTP
Key Features:
Accepts Bitcoin; No option for storing data logs or traffic; Unlimited speeds; Package with his/her requirements
Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

BTGuard VPN comes to the rescue of torrent freaks who prefer privacy in terms of identity while downloading torrents and also for ensuring avoidance of surveillance. In other words, it can be regarded as an effective tool for protecting one’s identity from getting leaked while carrying out online activities. BTGuard is believed to be a trusted name when it comes to anonymization and is ideal for individuals looking for the security of their online communication and socialization. No one would like the idea of being spied upon with regard to their various online activities from socializing, chatting to downloading of content. BTGuard VPN also aids in avoiding geographical restrictions. Therefore, the mentioned VPN service provider effectually assists in concealing the traffic of the downloaders from other’s eyes. In the recent past, an increasing tendency of throttling or impeding with the torrent traffic has been observed. BTGuard VPN is known to offer ways of alleviating the mentioned impending risks by diverting one’s traffic through an encrypted tunnel which ensures online privacy and security. The main strength of the company has been its ability and idea of taking in online peer-to-peer communities under its wings.


Tariffs & Prices

BTGuard keeps everything simple and thus, offers two options of package plans. Despite having limited options in terms of package plans, BTGuard diligently caters to the various requirements of the users through their packages.

BitTorrent Proxy: This package is specially meant for torrent freaks and enable users to not just dodge geo-limitation, but also facilitates them in downloading as well as uploading files on the internet anonymously. One can conceal his/her actual identity behind an alternative or proxy IP with the help of BitTorrent Proxy. This benefit further facilitates one to remain unidentified and have the benefit of unlimited torrent without having to compromise on one’s actual identity. The monthly charge of the mentioned package is about $6.95. Concealing identity and evading geo-limitations are not the only benefits associated with this package, but it also aids in dealing with issues related to throttling from one’s ISPs. Increasing concerns are being raised in the recent past regarding throttling bandwidth of the ISPs. BitTorrent Proxy competently aids in dealing with the mentioned issues and is thus considered to be quite a cost-effective solution for those who enjoy downloading and sharing but prefers to maintain privacy in terms of their identities.

VPN: The VPN package of BTGuard is useful for those worried about their online safety and security. VPN successfully combats this situation as it provides protection of the users’ privacy. This particular package is offered to consumers whose wishes are not just limited to avoiding geo-constraints. The monthly charge applicable for this package is about $10.15. With the help of VPN, one can maintain security with regard to his/her online activities along with safeguarding important data through refined encryption levels. The VPN package includes 256-bit encryption, which implies that even in case a hacker attempts to get hold of one’s data by penetrating one’s network security, the only information available would be in encrypted form which would be of no use. The geographically positioned servers of BTGuard facilitates in dealing with issues related to censorship in one’s country along with evading geo-limitations enforced by other countries across the globe.


Information on BTGuard’s Positioning of Servers

BTGuard has its servers located in three different countries, namely Netherlands, Singapore and Canada. The VPN service provider also asserts that their server network is quite diligently installed in a way so that it avoids having an effect on performance or speed. BTGuard is even known to carry out its functions with lines that are competent of 10 GB/s port speeds followed by access to numerous networks of tier 1 category hence making it one of the most reliable VPN service providers.



BTGuard includes quite a few exceptional functions which have helped in earning them a reputation of being one of the best VPN service providers. The functions are:

  • Accepts Bitcoin.
  • Server locations in Netherlands, Canada and Singapore.
  • Provides 256-bit AES encryption.
  • No option for storing data logs or traffic.
  • Wide compatibility.
  • Unrestricted downloads accompanied with unlimited speeds.
  • Pre-configured Proxy for uTorrent users.
  • VPN comprises OpenVPN and PPTP protocols.


Security & Privacy

BTGuard is found to fare well when it comes to the critical aspect of privacy as well as security. The VPN in no circumstance does indulge in keeping track of the users’ internet usage, logs or IP addresses. However, it needs to be mentioned in this regard that to some extent personal data is kept for the sheer purpose of billing, but in any case this should not be a concern for users as usage logs are not maintained for the users. Their standard usage of ‘256-bit AES encrypted OpenVPN’ makes their service exceedingly protected in relation to technical aspect and thus, is rightly known to be one of the best private VPN service providers.


Support Service

BTGuard happily receives all the concerns as well as queries through tickets, but still lacks in providing any kind of technical or live customer support on their website. There are mainly two departments and they are the support and sales departments. These departments are to be contacted in case any user encounters a problem with regard to the services or any other unsystematic concern. The sales department is responsible for answering queries related to package as well as service plans.


The Entire Purchase Procedure

The purchase process of BTGuard for its VPN client is quite simple and rules out the requirement of almost any kind of personal information except for payment details and email address. BTGuard refrains from making available its personal VPN client and as an alternative depends on the general open source of the OpenVPN software. The procedure of VPN software download as well as installation is quite simple.



Device compatibility is quite an imperative factor while selecting a VPN service provider. BTGuard is found to be compatible with various devices as well as operating systems, for instance, Mac, Tablets, Linux, Smartphones and PC. In addition, BTGuard also provides proxy as well as VPN that are torrent enabled so that one can enjoy the advantage of VPN and BitTorrent Proxy on the move.



BTGuard has been learnt to proffer exceptional services for the purpose of downloading torrent and at the same time maintains a policy of keeping no user logs. One can simply choose the package that goes well with his/her requirements and also makes sure of the fact that no details are screened and facilitating hiding one’s IP efficiently for the reason of accessing download related services. However, their limited server locations and elevated prices are the drawbacks that need to be dealt with immediately.

Update: 08/06/2016