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OpenVPN and L2TP
Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

Everyone enjoys the concept of virtual presence and socializing. It is supposed to be an independent affair in terms of choosing with whom to chat and take a quick peek at other regular activities along with carrying out various online activities. However, we often tend to overlook the fact that personal internet browsing or virtual socializing can be spied or eavesdropped by others as a result of which there is always a risk of one’s personal information getting leaked and misused. Only a handful of us are aware of the reality that our online activities can be screened meticulously with the help of IP address. It becomes an easy task for internet hackers to lay their hands on our most personal information and even misusing them. IP addresses not only expose our online activities, but even physical locations which can at times pose a great threat. Thanks, to reliable VPN service providers such as Boleh VPN and its exceptional services for ruling out these threats and making internet browsing a private and enjoyable affair.  Boleh VPN being a private VPN service provider aims at offering complete internet freedom along with assured anonymity. In order to maintain enhanced personal internet security and anonymity, Boleh VPN abstains from maintaining internet activity logs and is known to be amongst the few service providers offering P2P support.


Tariffs and Prices Associated with Boleh VPN Services

Single Subscription Package - In terms of subscription Boleh VPN deserves all the credits for providing a diligently planned priced package of single subscription, which is known to proffer almost all the finest VPN characteristics as standard. Boleh VPN does not believe in the idea of puzzling people with various subscription plans and costs, which in turn has earned them a positive reputation of being a good VPN service provider. The single plan also offers a good amount of discounts for extended term packages. People ideally intend to opt for a VPN which would offer a great deal of essential services in order to make web browsing safe, maintain anonymity along with providing access to restricted content. The subscription for an already paid plan comprises various protocols or even services, unrestricted right to use their network and access to all the servers. In addition to the mentioned features, Boleh VPN also offers two concurrent logins to its members along with an additional L2TP login for a one time paid account. This ensures safety at home and also allows one to enjoy the same level of security while travelling. Their plans are offered for 30, 60, 180 and 365 days with heavy discounts for mass purchases. Regular complete subscription plans start from $10.50 each month and goes up to $85 per year.

Trial Packages – They provide the facility of a free trial account for a day along with a no obligation trial plan which lasts for 7 days at a cost of $3.70. This plan is considered to be one of the ideal ones for testing their service and its suitability in accordance to one’s requirements.


Additional Information about Boleh VPN in a Nutshell

The company does not claim to have one of the biggest networks in terms of size, but yet, they were successful in building an exceptional reputation owing to their unique kind of VPN service. The VPN is customer friendly which foremostly aims at guarding its member’s identities and ensures a protected and safe environment for anonymous net browsing. The mentioned VPN service provider has servers located in various countries namely China, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Singapore, the United States, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, France, Canada and Switzerland. Their global presence makes infinite data usage feasible for their members present in their area of network. This particular feature is of great advantage to individuals who prefer travelling and even to those who wishes access to geographically limited media content.

Boleh VPN is known to support several VPN protocols comprising L2TP and OpenVPN. OpenVPN is considered to be quite highly protected and ideal for Mac, Linux or PC connections. Whereas, L2TP expands compatibility with regard to mobile devices, namely iPad, iPhone and other Android devices.


Functions of Boleh VPN

This VPN service offers a wide range of benefits to their members in order to enhance their online browsing experience and keep them coming back for more. A few of the outstanding functions offered to its VPN clients are:

  • Enhanced internet connectivity for compositions that rule out the necessity for dominant encryption.
  • Unrestricted and free usage rights to the web without having to bother about censorship or even other constraints.
  • Enhanced security while using public hotspots.
  • Absolute anonymity and protection of confidentiality owing to their location as well as service quality.
  • An extensive server network available across the globe.
  • Implementation of one of the most secure and sought after VPN, L2TP and OpenVPN.
  • Provides free access in terms of P2P sharing of files.
  • No limitations imposed with regard to the bandwidth.
  • Compatibility with most of the reputed operation systems.


Security & Privacy Aspects

The VPN service takes its privacy and security aspects quite seriously and thus, any kind of personal data received is only put to use in case of filling orders and precautions are taken so that the information is not sold or used anywhere else. It does not maintain any kind of logs; however, temporary login is activated to locate service abusers in case of identification of any sort of abnormal server resources, initiating server attacks or spam.


Unparallel Support System

Boleh VPN engages quite a dynamic community along with a Live Chat session on their website which makes communication with the staff members easy. Apart from that the support team can be even reached through Social Media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, other Forums and email. It needs to be mentioned in this context that obtaining support with the help of their Forums involves a process of registration for the purpose of Support Access, which as a rule takes place within quite a short time span.


Comprehending the Purchase Process

The process of signing up for a VPN client at Boleh VPN is quite simple and the entire process can be completed in about 2 minutes time. The procedure of installation as well as download is also believed to be quite easy and hassle free, however, one might require to alter the program configuration.



Boleh VPN is considered to be amongst the few service providers who ensure that everyone is able to make use of their services and software and this is the reason behind forming of software clients by the VPN taking into consideration the majorly accepted operating systems. All these features make it compatible with Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Apple Mac OSX for computers along with Android and iOS for mobile devices.



It can be safely derived from the above VPN review that it is quite a protected and dependable solution in terms of VPN. Owing to their extensive geographical positioning, Boleh VPN is competent enough in employing strong security policies which completely justifies their subscription cost.

Update: 28/10/2016