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The internet has become part and parcel of our lives. With increased internet usage, we get prone to falling prey to online thieves. This is beside the fact that governments, schools, and other institutions are putting up firewalls preventing our access to various places, channels, and websites.

Blockless.com is a private VPN service provider based in Canada and which strives to make the internet as accessible to all as possible. Once you open an account with Blockless, you get a chance to shield your IP address, unblock websites and enjoy the very fast safe internet. It also strives to make the internet safe, enjoyable and fast no matter where you are located in the world. The company has invested in a large number of high-speed servers which are located in over 25 locations distributed all over the world. The firm is also a top SmartDNS provider in Canada.


The prices of the services offered

Unlike a majority of trusted VPN firms, Blockless.com does not display the prices of its services on its website. Whether this is a good thing or an inhibition to the overall performance of the site, only time will tell. You will only get to see the price ranges when you sign up for an account. Immediately you enter your email details and password, you get a free 7-day trial. You can extend this up to ten days if you like the company’s official Facebook page. For a whole ten days, you will definitely have had enough time to peruse every part and component of the website.

The charges for the different plans start from $4.95 per month if you opt to pay monthly. However, if you opt to go for the yearly plan, you will pay $49.95 which translates to just $4.16. There is also a 6-month plan which basically charges half the price for one year.


Where are the servers found?

Getting the actual number of countries that host the Blockless.com servers is not very easy as it is not clearly stated on the official website. However, there are at least 18 countries where more than 25 high-speed servers are located. Among the countries where these servers are found include Germany, Britain, France, Switzerland, Hungary, and Italy. Depending on your location, you will only be able to access a certain number of servers.


The services to enjoy at Blockelsss.com

More freedom browsing – Being a reliable VPN service provider, Blockless has invested at ensuring that you get utmost freedom when it comes to internet browsing. In short, the firm becomes your ultimate passport to a free borderless internet surfing. You will no longer find your access denied because of your location in the world.

Enhanced safety and privacy – You might have learned of the government agencies snooping around and wanting to know what you are up to. This spying behavior is not only found with security government agencies but also in big companies that are keen to understand your browsing habits. This helps them know what you wish to buy hence sending you unsolicited emails way before you even request them to. There are also hackers who want to steal your banking details and money. This private VPN service provider ensures that all these parties are kept afar.

Bypass blocking and censorship – You could be in a country where certain websites and channels like Netflix, Facebook, Google+ or Hulu are restricted either by the government or the websites don’t seem to want to reach there. When you sign up with this VPN service provider, you get to bypass all the restrictions hence making you enjoy these websites and channels just as if you were not in your country. The firm allocates you a unique IP address which shows that you are in a different location.


Privacy and Security at Blockless

Blockless.com is a good VPN service provider which is held in high regard in as far as seamless streaming and ideal SmartDNS services are concerned. Unlike many VPN firms which make a lot of noise where security matters are concerned, Blockless does not claim to have invested a ton in this area. While streaming is fast and uninterrupted, there is also the aspect of foregone security. The VPN service that the firm offers uses PPTP protocol, which is really not regarded very safe. With PPTP protocol, you should note that data doesn’t get encrypted at all.


The support team

For the information that you can’t find on the website, the firm has a very stuffed FAQ section where all the general questions about its services get answered extensively. Moreover, there is a functioning ticketing option which comes in handy when you want to get a more specific question or query attended to. The support team seems knowledgeable but also very friendly.


The process

Signing up at Blockless is made very easy because all you need to do is enter your email address. You should then create a password which you will be using to access your account. The good thing about this site is that once you sign up, you get a free trial offer of seven days which can be extended to 10 days. When you want to make payment, you will just enter your details. All major credit and debit cards, as well, as e-wallets are accepted.



Reliable Blockless.com VPN software is available for downloading. However, the app does not perform as it ought to and this makes it give several pop-up messages. Moreover, you are supposed to set up your DNS manually. The software allows you to change your server location without having to ask support for help.



The one thing that you mustn’t take away from Blockless is the highly professional support team. You will also love the speeds that the site offers when it comes to live-streaming. The only thing that you might end up not liking about the site is the fact that it is not really a fully VPN focused firm but rather a DNS one.   

Update: 02/07/2016