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For a person who is searching for a safe way to browse the internet or a professional firm that seeks to use a good VPN service provider, Blackvpn.com is one of the options to consider. The firm has been around since 2012. It is based in Hong Kong and it has high-speed servers spread across the world in 12 different countries.

The firm was established with the aim of helping all internet users who wish to escape censorship, geographical IP related restrictions and any other internet inhibition. It is marketed as your ideal passport to free, safe and limitless internet. The firm supports both PPTP as well as L2TP protocols. It also has a more reliable OpenVPN protocol, which safeguards your data and also improves your data transfer speeds. In this Blackvpn.com VPN review, we will look into the different aspects of the website that will help you determine whether this is an ideal VPN provider to go for or not.


The plans available

The plans found at Black VPN are categorized into:

  • Global package – In this plan, you will enjoy access to all the servers that the firm has around the world. While using this plan, you will be able to safely use P2P connection, watch all US and UK channels as well as watch all stations from around the world. The plan protects you from Wi-Fi hackers and all DDoS attacks. Don’t forget that the site allows you to unblock all blocked and censored websites. You can pay $9.50 for one month, $27 for a three-month period or $99 for a whole year.
  • Access privacy VPNs – This means that you only get to access P2P safely. The other service that you will have access is watching TV from around the world except those in the USA and the UK. You will also get protection from Wi-Fi hackers as well as DDoS attackers. Censored websites will also be unblocked as well as get access to VPN client servers located in Australia, Ukraine, Canada, Netherlands, Brazil, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Romania, and Luxembourg. The price for this plan is $5 per month and $49 for a whole year.
  • USA or UK plans – These two plans are identical. The only difference is that if you opt to go for the USA service, you will enjoy both the USA and the UK channels. For the UK service, you will enjoy only the UK channels. You can, however, opt to combine both options for a reasonable price of $7.50 per month. When you pick one, you will pay $5.00 monthly.


The location of the servers

Blackvpn.com is competing with the best VPN service providers in the market. It is doing this by putting in place the best high-speed servers in different strategic locations. The firm has servers in 12 countries which include Lithuania, Romania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Canada, US, UK, Estonia, Australia and Singapore. When you pick the global package, you will enjoy access to all of the servers located in these 12 countries.


Services you stand to enjoy

  • Secure your browsing – According to this private VPN service provider, one of its primary roles is to help you secure your internet paths as well as your data. This is especially the case for those who use public Wi-Fi hotspots. All your data is encrypted hence making it impossible for hackers and other eavesdroppers from accessing your data.
  • Making your browsing private – There is the obvious need to prevent snoopers from peeping into your accounts and knowing what you are up to. Governments and schools have been known to check your online habits. With the Blackvpn, you shield your IP address hence making eavesdropping on your account hard.
  • Watch unlimited TV channels – Depending on where you live in the world, there are numerous channels that you might not be having access to. Some of the popular channels that you could be missing out on include Netflix, Hulu, Tonga and BBC iPlayer. You can access all these when you use Black VPN.


Your security and privacy

Hong Kong being outside the USA and EU is a big plus because some of the inhibitive data retention laws applied in these regimes make VPN services quite hard to offer. Your privacy, as well as security, is enhanced when you join Blackcpn.com as no logs of your data and connections are recorded. The firm uses 256-bit encryption and 4056 bit key when it comes to OpenVPN.


Support service

A good surprise when you visit Blackvpn.com is that you can be helped live. Most VPN firms seem to have forgotten the need to offer live chat help to their customers. The other support channels include ticketing and emailing. There is also a well-integrated FAQ platform where you are likely to get all answers to general questions.


Opening an account here

When signing up for an account here, you will be required to provide your email address and then set a unique password. More details will be required when it comes to the payment option. Privacy is something that the firm seems to take very seriously.



The firm doesn’t have a proprietary platform and this means that you need to set up your account manually. The good thing, however, is that you can use OpenVPN protocol which is safe. Blackvpn.com VPN download can still be enjoyed given that there is a well-defined procedure to follow when it comes to setting up your platform. The firm gives a clear guideline on setting up for all operating software.



The one thing that this company scores highly is on security. Considering that there are no logs, it is a little bit safer and discrete than the competition. The FAQ is well elaborate and the support team is friendly as well as highly professional. A 14-day trial period is more than adequate to help you gauge whether the services are good or not. However, the inconsistency in connection might be as a result of many people using the not so many servers. The company would definitely score incredibly high once the small connection issues were sorted out.

Update: 02/07/2016