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Betternet is Free; Fast and completely secure; Removes all restrictions; Software is easy and quick to install
Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

You don’t have to have a massive security team on your side to write you the world’s most state of the art, stealth proof internet security software just to be safe online. These days there are thousands of good VPN services that you can choose from to improve your general internet security instantly. When you are looking for a reliable VPN service, you don’t have to get the most expensive service provider on the market for great overall security. In fact, with Betternet you don’t even have to spend a penny on your safety because they are completely free and even though they are completely free, they still don’t compromise on their security because when you get this private VPN service you still enjoy all of the benefits that VPN services can give. You can be completely secure when you use the internet because your online activities and IP address are hidden to secure you against hacking and censorship. You can also unlock any website because the VPN service bypasses firewalls so you can enjoy any content from any location. Betternet is a perfect service for those who love to enjoy torrents and streaming so they can make the most out of their off time from work.


Tariffs and prices of Betternet

As mentioned before, Betternet is completely free. The reason why they can provide their services for free is because they earn money in other ways, such as by offering free sponsored apps or by offering videos.  When you download one of these apps or when you watch a video through Betternet, the company receives commission, which helps them cover the cost of this fantastic VPN service.

Bettershot – When you install Bettershot for free you will instantly unblock all websites so you can browse anything from anywhere. You can also browse anonymously and be completely secure even when you use open WIFI hotspots. They mask your identity by hiding your real location. You can get the software installed on any device so you can be completely secure no matter where you go and you get unlimited access to streaming services.

NeverAds – NeverAds is a free app that you can install on your iPhone that blocks all annoying ads, banners, malware and pop-ups so you can enjoy the internet without any interruptions and save a lot of data.


Info on Servers supplied by Betternet

Out of 3.3 million apps on the Google Play Store, Betternet is the number 1 VPN app because anyone from anywhere in the world can access this site. They have more than 24 million users from all over the world and over 1 Petabyte of daily traffic is transferred in a day. Betternet is a bit clear when it comes to their exact server count and they only allow connections to US and UK locations, but who cares if these are the best locations for the best content anyway?


Functions of Betternet

  • You can access any website from any location because Betternet removes all restrictions.
  • You can enjoy any movie, series, TV show, game or even enjoy live streaming of popular sports from anywhere in the world.
  • Your IP address gets changed when you use the internet so you can be completely anonymous.
  • Online encryption keeps all of your data completely safe and secure.
  • You are protected from hackers and censorship when you use this SSL VPN service.
  • The secure VPN software is available for multiple platforms and because the service is free, you can get it installed on all of your devices.
  • There are no restrictions on data, content, websites, bandwidth or speeds no matter how much data you transfer on a monthly basis.
  • Ads and suspicious sites are blocked by the software so you can save data and time and so you will be protected against scamming companies.


Security and Privacy of Betternet

You can definitely rely on Betternet VPN software for ultimate security because they use 128-bit and 256-bit encryption to encode all of your online activities so you will be completely safe no matter what you do online. It is unclear what protocols they use, but what is clear is that they keep no user logs which mean no one can monitor your online activities or trace anything back to you.


Betternet’s Support service

Unless you want to pay the technical a visit in person, it might be tough to get a hold of them. They are a free service and thus, probably cannot afford a 24/7 technician or ten to attend to all their clients' queries. But you can scan through their FAQ’s and customer help section to get shed some light on the most commonly found issues. However, they do respond to emails which you can send directly from their website.


Betternet’s Client Account process

They are a free service which means you can download the apps directly from the website or app store without the need of prior registrations. The software is incredibly easy and quick to install and is completely user friendly so you can do everything yourself.


Platforms provided by Betternet

VPN clients can download software for just about any platform which includes; iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome and Firefox. You can download one type of software and protect one device or protect your entire household by installing the software on all of your internet devices.


Summary on Betternet

If you are looking for a free and fantastic way to upgrade your overall security and internet freedom then Betternet is an absolute must. You will be protected from hackers and censorship and you can watch movies, series, shows, educational programs and enjoy as many online games as you like without ever putting yourself at risk. Betternet is completely free and is an absolute must for people who love to use the internet and enjoy all the content, torrents, streaming and downloading they can without having to look over their shoulders. The network speeds are fast and completely secure.

August 05/2016
If you are more than satisfied using the free version of Betternet and would like to see more features in the VPN service, then you will be happy to know that the premium version of Betternet VPN is now on offer. This premium version was launched by the company in late November... Read more
Update: 08/06/2016