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Barracuda which is also officially known as Barracuda Networks is an international company which specializes in networking providing security as well as storage. It mainly functions with the aid of cloud technology. The exceptional services of Barracuda act as a perfect solution, not only for dealing with online data leakage but also for hacking. Everyone enjoys their online presence to a great extent owing to which people are spending more hours on the internet. Internet opens up a whole new virtual world which appears to be quite attractive to all age groups. However, risk of leakage of one’s personal information always exists which can cause a great deal of damage. Barracuda is considered to be an ideal option for safeguarding one’s online data & activities. The services of Barracuda are quite business centric in terms of VPN and also offers an effective and enhanced level of security to the users. These excellent characteristics make it a preferred VPN amongst the other service providers in the similar field. The Barracuda VPN stands out from the rest of the others as it functions without any kind of software, the only requirement being a hardware component.

Prices for Availing the Services

The tariffs & subscription plans are quite different from the other available VPN service providers as the Barracuda VPN follows a single fee structure which is fixed while acquiring the console, which is further followed by a compulsory fee structure for the updates related to its ‘Energize’ services along with a non-compulsory fee structure for replacing its product. There are presently six diverse packages that can be availed, with a price of $1050 for the basic service and a whopping $36313 for the premium one. The compulsory updates of the service ‘Energize’ varies within a range of $322 to $9785 each year. The yearly subscription charges for SSL-VPN 180 are $1372, $7438 for SSL-VPN 480 and $46100 for SSL-VPN 880 respectively.


Information on Barracuda Servers

The VPN employs a physical model for managing its VPN services and so, connections are not required to be shifted to other countries or offshore. The outgoing as well as incoming data is known to be passed with the help of the especially dedicated Barracuda servers and is heavily secured through a range of security products. It uses an application server, which offers a completely incorporated as well as optimized resolution for speedy M2M/IoT improvement related to the applications of embedded web thus, enabling the particular device to attain active along with graphically rich content through an interface which is believed to be smartly linked. Barracuda operates with the help of cloud technology, which rules out the requirement of physical servers, which makes it one of the most reliable VPN service providers in the industry.


Comprehending the Features

The Barracuda VPN is quite different from other VPN service providers as it is specifically planned and designed for employing in a business setting. The enhanced protected connections as well as network facilitate the employees to get connected with the respective office networks for the sole purpose of carrying out their official work tenuously from any location in the globe. The aspect of reporting along with logging is supposed to be completely customizable for the management in order to screen and keep an eye on the amount of usage of network. Most of the mobile devices are also known to be supported by Barracuda through a series of protocols. Administrators are allowed the advantage of managing, screening and creating user profiles which are further checked for additional security reasons. Security characteristics comprise Anti-Virus, RADIUS Authentication, SSL Tunnelling and Virtual Keyboards. The system is learnt to be completely adaptable and the selection of hardware, principally only administers the quantity of coexisting sessions at a particular time. The Barracuda VPN spans across six different models and possesses the ability of competently managing about 15 to 1000 coexisting users.


Security & Privacy

The acquirement of 3SP by Barracuda in the year 2008 indicated its presence in the industry of SSL-VPN. It took care of the aspects of confidentiality and safety with increased emphasis in comparison to its forerunners. The VPN is administered or handled by the consumer which implies that no files or even logs are stored by Barracuda for the purpose of interception, thus making it a good VPN service. Privacy is given utmost significance by the VPN and with its multilayered protection functions immensely outperforms in comparison to the other VPN’s. Administrators are offered the benefit of securing the network with PIN authorization followed by hardware token verification. The factor of client-less link among the protected network and the device of the user assures an absolutely protected data transfer process irrespective of the location of the user.


Support Service

Barracuda being a global company maintains an excellent model of customer support by engaging active platforms of social media such as Twitter, Facebook YouTube. It is supposed to be one of the most amicable companies in the industry. Official customer support is provided through phone lines and e-mail that are open 24 hours. For free of charge support, the VPN can be contacted through Skype as well. Its customer service has been recognized to be amongst the fastest resolving in the industry.


Purchase Procedure

The purchase procedure of Barracuda VPN is quite simple for the VPN client with a fixed one time fee structure; however the task of implementation of the system is quite tedious. It is quite complicated and requires a lot of details. The installation of the system might call for some technical assistance while the regular operations are quite easy which involves just a web browser.



The applications or services of Barracuda support Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. It needs to be mentioned in this context that the Barracuda VPN client is separately available for Windows and even for Linux and MAC OS X.



Barracuda comes as an apt solution for employees who desire to be productive irrespective of their location, whether it is an office or somewhere outside. The Barracuda VPN is different from the conventional VPNs where the client is identified to be a particular VPN Logon or network and a Web browser in case of a PC.


Update: 05/08/2016