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Anonine.com was started in 2009. The main aim for starting the firm was to offer customers a wide access to the internet without them having to worry being hacked or monitored. The firm offers credible VPN client oriented services which make it very competitive. The company is based in Sweden. It doesn’t have a fancy network of servers in different countries. Its servers are only found in Sweden 17 other countries.

When you visit the official anonine.com, you will discover that everything is pretty easy and understandable. There are no flashy terms and images to try to make you fascinated. On this site, you will find simple terms of service, what the firm offers, the price, and what the firm basically stands for. This is a good thing as you will not be misled into anticipating something that the firm cannot offer. However, much as the firm presents you with many advantages, there are also some disadvantages to look out for.


The price for the services

1-month plan – In this plan, you will pay $6.99 down from $9.0. In this plan, you stand to enjoy OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP and IPSec protocols. You can have up to 5 simultaneous connections as well as enjoy a 2048-bit encryption. Over 22 locations are covered in this package just like in the other plans.

3-month plan – In this plan, you will enjoy access to over 80 VPN servers located all over the world. You will also enjoy OpenVPN, SSTP, and PPTP among other protocols just like with the one-month plan. The only difference between this plan and the previous one is that the price for the three months is $17.97 which translates to $5.99 per month.

One-year plan – In this plan, you will enjoy accessing channels and websites from over 22 countries. You will have access to over 80 VPN servers as well as enjoy unlimited bandwidth. The current price for this plan is $47.88 down from $107.4. The monthly price comes to just $3.99.


Server location

In striving to be one of the best VPN service providers in the world, anonine.com has invested in top of the range servers which offer fast and seamless internet connectivity and transfer of data. It has over 80 VPN servers distributed in over 22 locations in 18 countries. Among the countries where these servers are found include The USA, Canada, France, Italy, Iceland, Argentina, Panama, Russia, and Singapore.


Services offered by Anonine VPN

Enhanced anonymity – There is a need to protect your data today more than ever. This is because, as internet users increase so are there rogue users. Governments are browsing the internet to monitor what you are up to every other day. On the other hand, big companies are monitoring your browsing habits so as to know what to sell you. In order to shield yourself from these forces and also have access to geo-restricted channels and websites, anonine.com helps you out.

Increased internet speed – While looking for the best way to protect you from the dangers found online, anonine.com has invested in the best servers which allow you unlimited bandwidth and unlimited transfer of data. This is in no way compromised as the firm affords all your data maximum encryption.

Diver IP allocation – You can opt to use any IP address found on the different servers spread across the world. This increases your internet freedom because you can stream live any show you feel like no matter where it’s being aired. Such channels as Hulu, Netflix, Eurosport, BBC iPlayer will become your daily channels. Moreover, with a unique IP, you can evade the hawk eyes of governments, hackers, and websites.


Security and Privacy feature

For all your online VPN client protection needs, anonine.com has it all covered. You will enjoy OpenVPN which comes with a 256-bit encryption. You will also enjoy PPTP protocol which comes with a 128-bit encryption. With this provider, you will enjoy the Dynamic Dedicated IPs which means that you won’t be hassled into changing your IP address every other time or when the provider wants to improve customers’ protection. Sweden is known for being a haven for internet firms because of the lenient laws. No logs are kept by the firm.


Customer service

The website as a whole is pretty easy to understand and navigate. In case you get lost or are unsure about something, this private VPN service provider has invested a lot of time to ensure that the FAQ section is filled a lot of general information. Moreover, contacting support team is made via a ticket and is easy. You can also reach the support team via twitter or Facebook accounts.


Getting an account here

You don’t need to go for any anonine.com software. Everything is made easy because all that is required from you is to enter your email address. Your personal information will only be necessary at the point of payment. You are well protected in this phase as the firm allows you to use the safe OpenVPN protocol. It is, however, important to note that while the firm lacks a software platform of its own, it has made the whole signing up process hard and tedious for customers. The set-up process when using OpenVPN and that of PPTP protocols differ a lot and this makes the whole signing up a bit of a mess.


The platforms available

The firm has improved tremendously when it comes to giving its customers the best VPN service. Even though you will find that desktop set-up using PPTP is prominently featured, you will also find that other devices which run android, iOS, Windows, and Linux are well catered for.



The company is young and has over the years taken bold steps to ensure that the services it offers its customers are not only good but improving by the day. The pros for the firm are faster speeds, sure-footed security, and having no logging. The one area that the firm would improve on is the setting up of accounts. 

Update: 02/07/2016