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No traffic limit; No time limit; Without risking data eavesdropping; Internal VPN DNS; All protocols allowed
Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux and Android

Even though people using the internet get access anything and everything that they want to know, there are many afraid of using the internet fearing that their account gets compromised when they get online. Their personal information and credit card details are vulnerable at the hands of the internet hackers and snooping agencies on the internet. People surfing the internet feel that they do not have any privacy and security when browsing online. Internet spying is happening all over and hence people’s secrets are in jeopardy when they get online. So, how to break free from the spying and to get online without any fear? A reliable VPN service provider can bail you out of this precarious situation and offer you 100% security and privacy whenever you get online.

AirVPN is a private VPN service started in 2010 that offers an impenetrable VPN tunnel for your connection to the internet. This VPN will make sure that your IPS provider, criminal organizations as well as government agencies cannot spy on you and the communications you do online. You will surf the internet anonymously through a different IP address and hence tracking your real IP address will be an issue for anyone. The advantages you can enjoy when you download AirVPN for Windows are: no time and traffic limit, unlimited server switches, no logging of your account, new fake IP address, quality servers, perfect forward secrecy, etc.


Tariffs and prices

There are as many as 5 VPN plans on offer from this good VPN service. If you are looking to buy a plan, then you will have to register for an account first. The following are the plans on offer:

  • 3 days plan - This is the basic plan offered by this VPN. You will be billed $1.13 to enjoy all the AirVPN features on offer for a period of 3 days.
  • 1 month plan - This is a plan that allows you to remain anonymous online by paying $7.90 a month.
  • 3 months plan - You will be billed $16.92 once in every 3 months to use this plan. You enjoy a savings of 28% when you compare this plan with the monthly plan.
  • 6 months plan - This plan will be billed at $33.85 once in 6 months, which means that you roughly pay about $5.64 a month to enjoy this plan.
  • 1 year plan - A regular VPN user will benefit by opting for the yearly plan. Just pay $60.93 one time and enjoy the AirVPN full features for a year. You save up to 35% when you opt for the yearly plan.


Server information

This is one of the best VPN service providers in terms of server locations. It has a total of 68 servers located in all popular countries in the continents of America, Asia and Europe. Some of the countries where AirVPN has servers include: the United States, the UK, France, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore.



The following are the features you can make use of when you opt for this VPN.

•    No traffic limitations
There is no limit in the amount of traffic that you are allowed when using the internet. You also do not have a time frame to use the service. You can use it 24 hours a day and get access to all the exit-nodes on offer.

•    Three simultaneous connections
Once you register and make payment for your chosen plan, you have the option to download the secure VPN software on any of the three devices that you would like to use. With one account, you can surf using three different devices at any given time. 

•    No speed restrictions
The maximum speed limit and the speed of your connection will depend on the speed of the server and its load. This minimum allocated bandwidth for upload and download is 4 Mbits/Sec.

•    No logging
What you do online is not logged or monitored by this VPN service. You can freely surf the internet without any worries.

•    Safe Wi-Fi connectivity
You do not have to worry about data risks and eavesdropping when you connect your mobile devices or laptops to any wireless networks through Wi-Fi hotspots.

•    No censorships
You can enjoy net neutrality when you make use of AirVPN software. You will be able to get around geo-restrictions and regional censorships to access all the websites that are blocked in your region.


Security and privacy 

This SSL VPN service makes use of the most popular and reliable OpenVPN to connect between its servers and your computer. All the popular protocols are also allowed. It uses 4096-bit Diffie-Hellman keys refreshed every 60 seconds to implement Perfect Forward Secrecy along with OpenVPN. This service is completely safe and secure as it also supports OpenVPN over Tor, SSL and SSH directly. You also get to enjoy port forwarding/ DDNs service so that you can work on eMule and BitTorrent clients. 


Support service

You can go through the detailed FAQ page and the forums of the AirVPN website to get information on anything and everything about this service. You can also make use of the direct contact form (email ticketing system) to register your queries and you will get a reply within a day. 


Client account

To sign up for a VPN account, you just need to give your valid email address and no other personal information. You will need to first register for an account and then make payment for the plan of your choice to open a new account. You will receive a welcome email with useful links and get access to the VPN service. You can use the username or login name and password you entered during sign up process to log in to your account and start the AirVPN software download.



AirVPN supports all popular OS, devices and routers like Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, DD-WRT, Tomato, Asus WRT, pfSense, etc. Download AirVPN for Mac and use it on your Mac systems. Just choose the AirVPN download option for the device that you would like to protect and install it on the device.



With so many positives like port forwarding, VPN over Tor, DNS routing, 3 day free trial, 3 simultaneous connections, no logs, 100% encryption and many more, there is no doubt that AirVPN is worth a try.


Update: 08/06/2016