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A virtual private network (VPN) is a system which allows people to send and receive data via a privately configured network while using public network wires such as the internet. As such, these VPN services need to be very good when it comes to having high reliable protocols, encryption capacity as well as ensuring that all entry points by either hackers or other snooping individuals are sealed off.

Acevpn.com is a reliable VPN service provider based in the United States. It was started in 2009. In this Acevpn.com review, we will look into the various aspects of the firm which eventually should help you in determining whether you should use them or not. Upon making that maiden visit to the website, you will be somehow become overwhelmed with all the information provided on the homepage. You will get to know of the plans available, the benefits of using the firm, the location of the servers among other things.


The various plans that Ace VPN has

Like a majority of the VPN firms found all over, Ace VPN has categorized its plans into three:

Premium VPN Plan – In this plan, you will have access to high-speed servers located in over 20 locations all over the world. You will also get to enjoy OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IKEv2, IPSec, and Stealth VPN protocols. On top of this, you get to enjoy free DNS features which allow you to stream fast. It comes with unlimited bandwidth, a 7-day money back guarantee and the price tag is just $3.89 per month.

Ultimate VPN Plan – In this plan which goes for $11.67 per month, you will enjoy unlimited bandwidth and a free smart DNS video streaming service. You will have access to servers located in over 46 locations. The encryption is secure and the installation can take place remotely.

Unblock TV/ Smart DNS Plan – In this plan, you will be charged nothing. You will enjoy streaming in HD, ability to unblock videos, movies, and shows. In this plan, you will enjoy over 110 channels as well as no need to install any software to enjoy it.


The servers

In an effort to be one of the best VPN service providers in the world, ACE VPN has invested in quite an extensive server network spread across the world. There are over 25 countries spread across the world where high-speed servers are located. In total, the firm has 46 strategic locations from where these servers are able to serve the large pool of customers. The United States of America carries the bulk of servers with 13 locations followed by Europe which has 15 locations. Asia has a few servers and Africa has 1.


Services to explore here

Super, secure and anonymous connection – This private VPN service provider prides itself on being able to deliver military-grade encryption hence making all data transferred on its servers very safe. The firm also doesn’t do any logs even though it’s subject to the US data retention laws.

A wide network of servers – There are over 46 servers spread well across the world. These servers are found in over 25 countries and this makes it possible to access unlimited channels and websites. You can also switch between servers easily.

Surfs the web without any fear – When you subscribe to Acevpn.com, you will be able to shield your IP address. This makes it possible for you to explore virtually any website on the planet despite the fact that your IPS or your government has put some restriction for you.

Watch what you want – You might be in Africa or in the Middle East where Netflix is inaccessible. With this good VPN service provider, you will enjoy not only Netflix but a host of other websites such as Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Pluzz, Sky Go, and Eurosport.


Privacy and Security feature

Security is something taken very seriously at Ace VPN. Besides using 128-bit encryption, the firm also uses 256-bit encryption. When it comes to protocols, reliable ones such as OpenVPN and AceVPN alongside PPTP, L2TP and IPSec are used. You should know, however, that only AceVPN type of protocol uses both 128 and 256-bit encryption.


Customer Service to expect

Acevpn.com proves to be a reliable VPN service provider. This is mainly because it has an elaborate FAQ section. The support team encourages customers to use the forum section however when they want a technical issue handled. The good thing about the forum is that you get a thorough answer. What is more, it will only take a few hours to receive your answer.


How to get in?

Joining the Acevpn.com family is pretty easy. You will be required to enter your email address and then create a password. You should then pick a plan after which you will be redirected to the pricing forum which is designed to cater for customers depending on their commitment. Other than that bit being a little bit confusing, everything else about getting an account here is pretty easy.


The platforms available

Whatever device you are using, you needn’t feel worried that the service provider’s software will not be compatible with your OS. On the official website, you will find that Android, Mac, Windows, Routers, iOS, Ubuntu, and Linux are all compatible with Acevpn.com. You will just need to click on the Acevpn.com download for Mac if you own an Apple Mac.



The firm says that all your connection and data logs are not recorded on its servers. Even though the firm is subject to US data retention related laws, it might be safe to say that by the time the authorities are securing a subpoena for server access, the retention time which the firm has for your data will have lapsed.

The one thing that stands out with Acevpn.com is the fact that almost any other device you can think of is compatible. The customer service team is also efficient, effective and thorough in its work. Don’t overlook the fact that given the services the firm offers, the pricing is more than competitive. However, the firm is beaten by far by a good number of firms when you look into the configuration of customer accounts, information regarding its servers, and general user friendliness.

Update: 02/07/2016