Terms of use

Terms of agreement

This agreement is entered by and between Myipservices.com (the “Administration”) and client (the “User”).

Whereas, the Administration wishes the User to obey the set laws combined below, and the User wishes the Administration to provide with information and services in accordance with terms of agreement.

Whereas, the Administration and the User are covenant to observe the rules of the agreement from the beginning of cooperation (the Effective Date).



Administration - Myipservices.com
VPN - Virtual Private Network.
Site - myipservices.com
User - the client of the website registered by the Administration.
Parties - both the Administration and the User.
Services - the services rendered by the Administration.
Information - all the news and texts on the website, including descriptions, rules and regulations, links, and etc.
Effective Date - the moment when the User accepts the rules and regulations and logs in the site.



Now, therefore, in consideration to their promises and mutual agreements and undertakings set forth herein, and with the intention to bound hereby, since the Effective Date the parties hereto agree to General Regulations as follows:

  • The Administration
    1. The services. The Administration is responsible for providing all the information on the website. The services are the primarily subject to be shared with the User. The Administration grants access to anonymity services as follows: My IP, Anonymizer, Proxy/Socks, Whois, and other services on the website.
    2. Liability. The Administration performs solely informational and provisional functions. The Administration does not take any responsibility for the aftermaths of the User’s services usage, the connection speed, damages as a result of services usage.
    3. Security. The administration guarantees to protect the User’s personal information from the third party, since the User must be through the processes of registration and payment, which require personal data. The details and identity information are provided solely for the Administration.
  • The User
    1. The usage. The User promises not to use the website services for any illicit activities as follows: promotion of crime, hacking and illegal distribution of services, and etc. in accordance to the International criminal code. Spamming is also forbidden.
    2. Liability. The User must observe the Agreement and generally accepted rules and regulations of the User’s behavior. He should never violate the laws including disguising under the name of the Administration.
  • Cancellation of the Agreement. In case a party to the Agreement violates one of the regulations, the Administration pertains the right to cancel it without notification. If the Administration receives proved information concerning the User’s illicit activity, the Agreement can also be terminated.

In case the violation was committed by the Administration, the User pertains the right to break the Agreement and avoid the Administration’s services.