Your domain is your organizations personal online identity. This online identity is created completely unique, so people can find your website when they search the internet. Every time you type in web address, you are looking for their domain so you can view information on the site. It can however be tough to get in touch with people who created these sites if they don’t have contact details on their website. Whois is a unique organization that is making the tracking of domains a little bit easier by providing internet users with the information they need regarding these domains.

What is Whois?

Whois was created in 1982 and is a free internet service that helps you locate domain names and information regarding that domain from anywhere in the world. With Whois, you can find information on the domain name, IP address, the creators name and the creators contact details.

Why would you need the help of Whois?

Tons of domains are created on the internet each day and often these are left unused when the creator loses interest or passes away. No one else can use your domain name without your permission. With the help of Whois, you can locate these domains and find out about the contact information, IP address and more of those who created these domains so you can perhaps make an offer for the domain to see if you can take it over from them or warn them that there might be something wrong with their domain.

Why the Whois services were discontinued?

Internet users and hackers started using the confidential information like IP addresses and client information to perform illegal activities with the information. Those who became victims of these illegal activities and hacking complained of the lack of privacy despite the fact that they could have created the domain in a registrar’s name and details to protect their personal identities.

You can still find the info you need

Myipservices.com provides Whois services to the public. You can use our services to locate domains and find out domain creators contact information.

How My IP Services can make your business run smoother?

By registering your domain on My IP Services, you can make your personal information regarding your websites accessible to the world. People can locate your domain information so they can conduct valuable business transactions with you, the creator of the domain, in person. They can also contact you and inform you that your domain might be down or that your domain might have been hacked so you can make adjustments.

With My IP Services you can once again enjoy all the services that Whois used to provide and be completely legal whether you are looking for information on other domains or whether you want to promote your own domain.