It is important to protect yourself when you use the internet because hackers are becoming cleverer and coyer. Today they can even hack into your personal computer and access all of your information like photos and content from just your IP address. It is time to familiarize yourself with anonymizer sites so you can be safer when you use the internet.



What exactly are Anonymizer sites?

These are websites through which you can access the internet. When you use these sites to access the internet, your personal information like your computer IP address, account information and computer data is protected from internet hackers and censorship.

Different types of Anonymizer sites

There are two different types of internet anonymizers that vary in design, but have common features. Anonymizer sites consist of network designs and single-port designs.

• Network Anonymizers – When you use the internet these anonymizer sites function on a network group and use several techniques to prevent noisy people from finding you. The techniques are listed below:
- Multiple users – There are several users in a specific network. When hackers are trying to target you, they are redirected to these other users, which can make it incredibly difficult to pinpoint a certain activity to a certain user.
- Delays – Hackers or censorship software will use timeframe trying to locate you. Network anonymizers create a delay in the responses of requests that the users make so these hackers or software won’t be able to trace a certain timeframe for a certain site you accessed.
- Randomize – The anonymizer sites create random site requests to help pollute the traffic in a network so tracking specific backlinks will become difficult.
- Populate – The more incoming and outgoing requests the harder it is to find a path back to users. Anonymizer sites use multiple users and random site requests to populate their networks.

• Single-port Anonymizer – This type of anonymizer works much simpler than network anoniymizers because you log onto the site and they basically search everything and every site you want to find on your behalf and transfers the content back to you. Your IP address is hidden because you simply don’t use your own computer for browsing. They also have encryption software to make the website, the protocol and gopher of the sites that you are accessing completely anonymous.

All in all, the functionality of these different types of sites basically the same and more techniques such as delays can be added depending on the traffic that is currently logged onto the site. It is important to stick to one anonymizer so you won’t be targeted when you link to the next one with the same amount of connections or computers so hackers won’t be able to identify you.