January 12/2016
The network security company Check Point has unveiled a latest technology called zero-day protection, which is designed to make the endpoint devices in the enterprises secure, irrespective of their location. The new product, called the Sandblast comes with remote sandbox and has... Read more
January 10/2016
More than 7,500 payphones in the city of New York will get replaced by public Wi-Fi hubs from linkNYC. The first few public Wi-Fi hubs are already launched and people can expect more in the near future. It has been estimated that about 8million people will get benefitted by this... Read more
December 12/2015
It looks like the safety of VPN usage in danger in China. The recent events have forced VPN companies like Astrill and ExpressVPN to raise their concerns on the topic. Speaking of VPN services, many have the false notion that it is the safest place on the internet given you to... Read more
December 11/2015
The latest version ExpressVPN apps come with stronger security settings. With the up gradation the apps from the company will be ahead of the other apps in security performance.   You will be able enjoy better freedom, privacy and security when you go online. The latest security... Read more
December 11/2015
Yeah, you have heard it right. If you are an existing PureVPN user or someone who intends to use PureVPN, listen up – you will save 88% off when you go for the Lifetime Subscription. We are not kidding! What about the offer? Well, the lifetime subscription will give you access... Read more
December 11/2015
It is now the season of Android devices. When you are accessing internet using a public Wi-Fi hotspot, your device gets vulnerable and easy to access for hackers. There is also government having an eye on you about your internet activities. This threat is everywhere you go and... Read more