October 11/2016
In the circumstances of our Internet space we need hardly mention that all customers are short of online protection. The number of online identity thefts and other sorts of cyber attacks is being grown by the day. But there is a direct solution for the question, which is called... Read more
August 05/2016
If you are more than satisfied using the free version of Betternet and would like to see more features in the VPN service, then you will be happy to know that the premium version of Betternet VPN is now on offer. This premium version was launched by the company in late November... Read more
June 11/2016
ZenMate, the internet security company based in Berlin, Germany has announced a further increase in its capital. The latest funding for the company comes from existing shareholders as well as from new investors. The existing shareholders providing new funds include Project A... Read more
May 02/2016
Netflix is very adamant on cracking down the VPN providers who are offering their service to non US citizens from all over the world to access Netflix content by masking their original IP address. This has blown out of proportions now and Netflix has decided to crack down on... Read more
April 21/2016
If you have been using the TunnelBear VPN service to surf websites by hiding your real IP address, now will be happy to know that TunnelBear has extended its services to several counties and can now speak 16 different languages. It has taken a while for this popular VPN service... Read more
April 07/2016
Speaking of many data centers, they are putting restrictions on BitTorrent-heavy services on their networks. VPN service named Private Internet Access (PIA) has tried to address this problem by introducing a separate VPN exclusively for this purpose. Of course, it is going to... Read more