November 14/2016
‘A Formal Security Analysis of The Signal Messaging Protocol’ has been recently presented by the best cryptologists from the UK, Australia and Canada. The results have shown that Signal protocol is challenging to check as it uses forward-looking design, more than a dozen of... Read more
November 11/2016
As stated in the latest research, the main threat to online security is presented by targeted online guessing. Security shortfalls are known to be exploited by the method, which is aimed at the accounts of a user, which have the same password consisting of/relating to the... Read more
November 07/2016
The Crypto Policy Project is a program launched by Stanford University with a view to understanding the issue of data privacy better. According to the professionals of the university, the need of law enforcement separating from public rights, registered in the Constitution, is a... Read more
November 06/2016
It’s an open fact that practically each Internet session starts from your browser and search engine/tool. Six of the most popular search engines are presented here for you to make some conclusions on their privacy policies: ‘baddies’ ‘swots’ Google Ixquick Did you know... Read more
November 04/2016
Confirming to the latest estimates, the Internet turns to be unsafe. Probably you have already caught yourself thinking that your defensive measures are not enough for the networking you use. In order to sift the question to the bottom here are some habitual mistakes, which are... Read more
October 13/2016
If you are tired of Internet lack of freedom, you can choose a VPN solution that is to make your fears lost in nonexistence. But probably much the best solution for the problem is to take VPN Unlimited Lifetime Subscription. Yes, you’ve read properly. A lifetime subscription is... Read more