December 15/2016
Practically all modern internet browsers are based on sandoxing technology in order to separate browser from system. This protecting mechanism teases processes apart making them limited by an isolated environment and resistant to cyberattacks. In such a way, sanboxing prevents... Read more
December 10/2016
Most institutions and commercial organizations monitor their online activity and traffic ranking utilizing search systems, social media websites and other various open web sources. But there is a risk to receive outdated info or be compromised and misused by penetrators. They... Read more
November 30/2016
48 British government agencies will manage to look through any deleted browsing history. Provided that a bill will be passed and become law, numerous governmental institutions will acquire access to surfing history of the citizens even if it has been deleted. The institutions... Read more
November 25/2016
It has become known that Telegram messenger has been infected with ransomware during the first month of its operation after the launch. Thus, Russian-speaking victims were sent messages saying thanks to them for helping with $78 ‘Young Programmers Fund’. This is a sustainable... Read more
November 21/2016
Geo-tracking and privacy are the most important issues for today’s Internet users. Every time you download some apps from online markets, you permit them accessing to some of your data. In addition, most average customers don’t even pay attention to what data they give access to... Read more
November 16/2016
Thanks to the numerous email hacking reports and the fact that the citizens are alerted to Donald Trump election, customers from the US have switched over to Signal (encrypting messaging app) usage. Signal is famous for giving customers a possibility to chat via the messenger... Read more