January 14/2017
One of the most popular social networking websites is being updated having adjusted the core functions and cracked the problems of content performing and running online. As Facebook users have noticed the major changes touch upon the possibility to go live via web browser. In... Read more
January 09/2017
MongoDB has reported about the increasing quantity of hackers attacks counting more than 27 000 per day. Targeting at systems’ compromising, hackers have penetrated, duplicated and erased data from badly-secured databases. The first attack was administered on January 4 when the... Read more
January 04/2017
An unknow source just recently has informed the Washington Post about Russian hackers penetration in the USA’s electricity grid. As it turned out, the news was false and concerned the infection of a Burlington Electric Department device by Russian-attributed malware. According... Read more
December 30/2016
You may remember or not, but one of the data retention laws was introduced by Australian government in 2015. Its main aim is to identify and foretell terroristic attacks, meanwhile it violates civil freedom of speech and information. The main problem consists in a requirement of... Read more
December 24/2016
According to the research of cybersecurity specialists, which held an opinion poll among the UK internet users, 59% of businesses are afraid of hacker attack possibility while operating with skeleton crews at the Christmas holiday’s period. More than that, about 2000 of the... Read more
December 21/2016
The Federal Trade Commission received an accusation from privacy groups about unlawful actions which have been taken by Google corporation and involved user privacy violation. The problem comes under privacy policy modification that entitles Google to integrate individual data... Read more